The Golden Hour

Pareto’s law has always fascinated me how a few items always contribute to a large share of the impact. The law is also known as the 80-20 rule. That 20% of the items contribute to 80% of the result of the group. For nearly a decade I’ve been keep measurements of my own activities and for the coaching relationships.

Reminiscences of a Time Gone by

Reminiscences of a Time gone by

A few weeks ago, I happened to visit Kolkata as an accompaniment to a group of children, teenagers and parents from Delhi for a three intercity camp meet hosted by an institution of our Kolkata community. I was a lucky traveler since my wife was one of the two leaders of the Delhi group which had completed 24 years of its active service. The timing of the visit was also perfect because it coincided with the Festive season of Durga puja.

Custom project Development

Why should an SME have a website?

This is a very simple note on why we should have a website, and some basic considerations regarding the same.

Many of us embark onto the journey of building a website, without deliberating on why we need to have a website. This results in us having a website, which does not fulfill our need for having one. So, to me, the most important consideration before building a website, is to spend time on considering the reasons for having a website.