In 2023, AAPNA earned media acclaim for Abhijit Roy’s interviews, securing a spot among the “Most Preferred 30 Tech Workplaces and Innovative Companies in Web Designing.”

The launch of game-changing products, Mera Monitor and KaryaKeeper, enhanced remote tracking and project management. Fundoo Friday thrived with added virtual team-building games.

Active engagement with startup founders occurred through insightful podcasts on AI & Blockchain. Collaboration with Nanoputian resulted in impactful “Unite to Ignite” webinars. AAPNA’s 2023 journey exemplified innovation, excellence, and a commitment to pushing boundaries.

Strategic operations in AAPNA Australia are led by Bandana Biswas. Proficiency in data digitization is demonstrated through a mega project for a major Australian logistics giant, emphasizing our adeptness in processing and analytics.

The collaboration with Nanoputian signifies a strategic alliance, as manifested through joint webinars and discussions, fostering synergies in technological advancements and product offerings.

Significant growth has been achieved through Decisions development, with new clients, including a major mortgage sub-servicer. Diverse projects in the USA, such as Golf Course Management Software and project with a leading Vehicle Dealership Firm, were delivered. We delivered one of the biggest business facing project using No Code platform for a Mortgage domain company, which helped our client to replace one of its heavy cost product. This highlights our versatility and dedication to enhance operational efficiency across various industries.

In 2023, AAPNA strategically expanded services in the Middle East, appointing Bhavesh Lodaya as Head of Operations. Bhavesh played a key role in steering AAPNA’s success in the dynamic Middle Eastern market. Securing a major project with a leading petrochemical company in Oman reinforced the company’s position. Active participation in Gitex Global 2023 by Gautam Pattani and Bhavesh fostered valuable connections for sustained growth in the region, highlighting AAPNA’s commitment to expansion and excellence.

In 2023, expectations were surpassed by AAPNA, with excellence attained in delivering quality solutions, fostering a culture of innovation, and prioritizing employee growth. As this newsletter concludes, our achievements are celebrated, affirming our position as a leader in IT services, poised for a future of continued success.

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