Customers Reviews / Client Testimonials

Sachin Tangoria, Sanjay Kumar and Kabita Chiral

“Thank you for your support successful execution of another virtual event. The team helped us in last minute registrations and login of more than 1000 attendees without any issues.

Kudos to you all for a wonderful job and working on weekend.”


Decision Team,

I just want to let you know that I am very pleased with the Decision team, every single one of them. They are very knowledgeable, work fast, very professional, and friendly. I appreciate you provided us such a good team.  It’s been a pleasure working with the team, and I look forward to continuing working with them.

Thank you! Huey-Chih

I wanted to give a shout out to Ankit Katiyar. Last weekend, he found out our app submission to resolve a key crash had been rejected. He immediately re-submitted with the right data and released it to the public once the app was approved. Please pass along our gratitude to him for going the extra mile and helping us tide over the crash issue.


Kudos to Manish Gupta for his extreme efficiency and hard work for Mortgage Banking work. He is truly passionate and always looking for work and meet deadlines. I just wanted to make sure you know how much he is valued and appreciated. Not only he completes excellent quality work but also helps other coworkers as well. He always exceeds our expectations.


We appreciate Anuj’s contributions with the Time Tracking Tool implementation. He did a great job with the requirements and helping to narrow down our choice to 7pace. I am proud to have him as part of our team!!

I look forward to the next few weeks as the roll out happens and I am sure Anuj will once again be instrumental with transitioning our off shore team to our new time tracking system.


Prashant has developed Power BI reports that I use throughout the day…every day…to know where the business stands. The reports are extremely useful for me and my managers. Prashant has been a pleasure to work with. He is very responsive to questions and requests for changes. I receive positive feedback from Ara, as well.

Absolutely agree with Alan. Prashant has been a delight to work with. He’s helped me and my team to become a lot more efficient and data driven. We have a lot more reports and look forward to working with him on those.

Alan – CEO – TCE
Ara – Director of Operation – TCE

I want to appreciate Offshore QA teams support. They are always willing to give their best at work. They are very flexible with timings, understand the urgency and support the team in meeting tight deadlines.

Special thanks to Preeti and Madhu for their help during DR Phase 1 testing and also with the recent Emergency release we had on Friday.

Rashi and Anu have been very helpful meeting the tight deadlines. Consumer Connect team appreciates Rashi’s work and have applauded her for identifying high number of defects during one of the recent sprints.


It was a successful engagement. Aapna Infotech delivered quality results in a timely and efficient manner. They were a professional team that worked diligently and passionately to provide excellent customer service. They were really committed to helping us reach our objective.

Director, Clearman Lawyers, Australia

Thanks to Aapna Infotech’s efforts, the end deliverable met the company’s standards and expectations. The client enjoyed working with the team during the entire process. The team was communicative and coordinative.

Account Executive, Document Management & Workflow Company, Australia

Aapna Infotech has been consistently upholding a smooth and consistent workflow. Their partnership has been showing great results in SEO. Web traffic also doubled last year, which they expect to continue. The Aapna team is quick to respond to requests and queries, and they’re easy to connect with.

Associate Director of Communications, Shakti Foundation

Dev/QA Team,

Team I just wanted to take a minute and let everyone know what great work you are all doing. We just got off a call with Cristy and Jeff. They received a call yesterday from a large client with nothing but positive praise for the product. We still have more to add but team this was great feedback and let us all know the effort that has gone into this has been worth it. It also let us know we are going in the right direction. Again GREAT JOB!!! And GREAT TEAM!!! .. Jason

I second and triple that… AWESOME job and thank you team! Let’s continue to do great things, we are already differentiating ourselves from the competition and setting the bar high!!! .. Hye-Jin

SSS Project Team

The team is very responsive to all the requirements and delivered the project on time and within the budget. The client was satisfied with the end result

Lester Salvatierra, Director, First US Finance LLC
Dear Aman,

We want to extend our thanks and gratitude for all your hard work to ensure a successful launch of the new T-JTA website. It has been a long and challenging journey, but our efforts have paid off. The launch has been a big success and gone very smoothly for our customers. Thank you for helping to make that happen.This letter is going out to all team members, so let’s all recognize Ayush for his constant development efforts, Alok for QA testing, Sandeep for providing organized and patient leadership, and Abhijit for sticking with us over the years despite the challenges. Last but not least, a very special thanks to Aman for his extensive efforts, focus, and dedication to the project. We have all worked late nights, although I suspect Aman has perhaps gotten the least sleep.

We are very excited to begin this new chapter for the T-JTA with AAPNA by our side. Thank you again for helping us get here, and looking forward to reaching new heights together.

Best regards,

Psychological Publications, Inc

With DevOps in the works now for several weeks, Adnan, Jagan, and Devender have essentially taken over the majority of duties in relation to all lower environments which has freed myself and Preston up for other tasks and been a huge help. They also continue to make improvements and adjustments that make our lives even further easier due to their organization and preparation of the prodmock/production package. Thanks to their help with production releases have been going incredibly smooth, it has been months since we have had any release-related issues in production and I credit much of that to the preparation Adnan and team put into each release.


I am Mohit Goel from Neelam Sales Agency. We have had the honor of being associated with AAPNA right from the beginning when they had their office in the Incubator at JSSATE, Noida. Call it luck or destiny, but there was more than just NSA’s relation with JSS that helped us find connect with AAPNA. My father, Mr. L.K. Goel, turned out to be a senior of Mr. Roy from his engineering days. This automatically created a trustworthy relation between us.

We have had the opportunity to witness AAPNA’s wonderful growth over the years and thank Mr. Roy for always choosing us to be their preferred IT Vendor. In fact, we have witnessed such cases with many of our clients, but what makes AAPNA ‘Special’ is that I had the opportunity to interact at a very professional level with the man behind the success of AAPNA. I have seen him work very closely over the last year, especially the way he conducts himself at BNI and has led the group, and he has become a role model to me.

  • He communicates his vision for AAPNA very effectively
  • He is Passionate about his vision
  • He is a Great Decision Maker. He is Quick, he is Thoughtful and he is Committed
  • He is a Great Team Builder. Always keep’s the teams spirits up. I have interacted with many of his team members and all are so joyful at work
  • He has Great Character, which is the foundation for all his other traits

Apart from interacting on the work front, he has become a very good pal.After 6 years of calling him ‘Sir’, he became ‘Abhijit’ and then very quickly ‘Dada’. All this happened in a span of 1 year.What I love about him is that he is always the first person in the group to start dancing, and also drinking. I love his expression “Ohh..” which displays the innocence within him.

All-in-all, he is a great leader and an even better human being. The entire team at Neelam Sales Agency wishes him and the entire AAPNA team all the very best and we hope to be part of your Annual Day each year to share your happiness in success.

Form Neelam Sales Agency
(Mohit Goel) Managing Director

Mohit Goel, Managing Director
Neelam Sales Agency


You did a great job in the presentation today and brought up a topic on Accessibility testing that was an interest to the team. Your delivery was passionate and informative without being a threat to QA. I have received many positive comments on today’s CoP and your presentation.

Keep up the good work!

Rakesh, Mortgage Banking Industry

Thank you Deepak and Vipin.

Appreciate your help and efforts for relentlessly supporting us in many website initiatives. You guys have been our go-to-team whenever we are in crisis not just once but every time. Looking forward to the same energy, attitude and fire to help us reach newer milestones.

Siddharth, Maveric Systems

Since onboarding the Aapna Infotech team, the company noticed more traffic to their website. This was an improvement as they had not been receiving any online enquiries before. The team’s global reach allowed the company to get things done even outside of normal working hours.

Nicholas – Managing Director, Optimize Plumbing Drainage & Gas Pty Ltd, Australia

I would share with you some thoughts about my experience with AAPNA dev team, there were 12 months of intense collaboration that for many aspects surprised me.
I’ve deployed this technology in several countries (Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Japan, USA) so I’ve worked with many different teams, what I can say is that AAPNA’s team was able to understand the meaning of the service and the technology architecture really fast (faster than any other groups that I’ve worked with before).

What your team is able to do is not just providing an excellent technical execution but most importantly they are really good in human interaction. This is something rare and precious especially in a market like the USA where humanness is not exactly a priority.

I hope we will have other opportunities to work together

Dario, MMH Mac App

From the Desktop App all the way down to the production platform, everything look perfect. My best compliment to Ankit Katiyar, he did great

Dario, MMH Mac App