Customers Reviews / Client Testimonials

Swati Gupta

I wanted to send out a note to thank Swati Gupta for her invaluable contributions this past year.  She began 2023 transitioning into the role of Product Owner and getting into the full-time responsibilities associated with it.  While she continues to excel in that role, she also took on the additional role of mobile tester during the last quarter.  This allowed Golf Tee Time Aggregator to meet critical deadlines while ensuring the final product was of the highest quality.  This willingness to adapt to the team’s needs is not surprising at all.  She deeply cares about our team and has a strong work ethic. Our business and development team members have come to rely on her for subject matter expertise.  She has earned this high degree of trust through perseverance and commitment.

I firmly believe that the sky is the limit for Swati.  We are incredibly grateful to have her as part of our team.


Buddha is a dedicated and committed QA resource. He has completed the given tasks ontime with good quality.  He has a thirst for skills and knowledge. He always challenges himself to perform tasks to the best possible standard. He also started contributing to automation failure analysis and fixing them.

Sunil J

C J HeamChander,

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for your good work and dedication to our project. I am genuinely impressed by the positive impact you have made in the automation process. Thank you for the good work and expecting the same in the future.


Amit and Shyam,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your efforts on producing the new tax sheet. You two were so patient with everyone as we went through the UAT and the various change requests that followed. You turned around the changes very rapidly. Your ability to quickly mock up various report layout options for the business to review was instrumental in delivering the best solution to the business. Then after deployment you two were right on top if it with making the required changes in identifying and resolving the root cause of the data delay.

It is my pleasure to work with both of you. Your knowledge and expertise are quite evident and set you apart. Your patience and perseverance are also key attributes that make you very valuable to the success of our standing with the business.

Gina, Mortgage Banking Industry

Rashi G., Kartikay, Robin, Sonia, Mayuri & Shivanu,

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding work and dedication you have demonstrated. It is truly inspiring to witness the progress you have made as a team, not only in completing the assigned tasks for this sprint but also in carrying forward unfinished tasks.


Hari Karthikkeyyan R,

He has been an outstanding contributor since he has started ! He has learned and picked up what we have without hesitation ! His contributions are outstanding and he is just warming up ! It’s a pleasure to have him on the team and he is very responsive and dedicated !

Max Barrass

The delivery of project is going well as expected. You as a team has proved your capability to deliver and fix the issues immediately.

Indeed well done and great effort made by the team to deliver the project timely and professionally. Looking forward for your continued dedication in the upcoming projects

Asma & Hamed, Petrochemical Company – Oman


The 1/15 release has been a big problem with lots of logic errors and missed functionality.  However, one area that has been absolutely flawless is the release branch merges across November, December, Main, and Hotfixes. December was an incredibly difficult time for development and that resulted in 2 simultaneous codebases being maintained for a short time with differences in every module, from shared libraries to websites. The 1/15 release and the main branch has managed to maintain all of these changes.

Thank you for all your hard work 😊


Yash and Kartikay,

They are both very good professionals. We only switched from Yash to a second decisions developer due to workload being heavily loaded with backend for the next couple months. He is a stud, it was workload only, nothing with his skills or work ethic. Same with Kartikay, clearly knows what he’s doing and both took great direction and coaching.

I’d love to have the budget for 4 clones of both of them.


Shyam & Akshay
Great job done by Shyam for making a .NET Core website in a .NET 4.7.2 world and Akshay for integrating Bulk Transfer. 😊
The team really was amazing, what they created is seriously life changing for so many departments. I know this is just the start, but your teams put a lot of hard work into this, and I want to be sure its recognized.

Shailaja & Simon, Nationwide Mortgage Title Clearance Company

I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I am very happy with your work and role in the team.
I also like you being pro-active and caring about the project. I look forward to you doing more support together with your QA work in the new year, esp as more and more automated tests are in place. I hope you enjoy your new year festivities.

Peter, ANAD

Rashi, Ankur, Sagar, Aayush, and Sonil a.k.a Team Awesome #2,
I wanted to share a heartfelt Thank You for continuing to support us on this major project.
I was looking over old emails and didn’t realise we’ve been working together for over a year already! Much of our success on this project was due to your partnership, diligence, reliability and quick turn-around times. You are a dependable and talented group. I feel as though you are part of our team, hence the “Team Awesome #2” moniker. This name also is pinned on our department’s “Thumbs Up Award’ bulletin board for our Badging project (pic below), so that name is official😊.
I hope I didn’t miss anyone from your team whom we’ve worked with over the past year. If so, please pass along my gratitude to him/her.
I look forward to our continued collaboration and success!

Javan, US University

Shyam & Akshay
You and your entire team are a joy to work with! We’re as excited as you are about these project accomplishments, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with accounting next year! And to think it all started with helping to identify and fix the root cause of all of those nasty reconciliation issues with our offshore team members Shyam and Akshay, who were also big contributors to Bulk Transfers and DCL

Leah and Gina, Nationwide Title Clearance Company

Gaurav Singh, Sandeep Goel , Ajay Kaith
I really appreciate the efforts these last couple of days. I know you all are putting in a lot of time. I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that this level of effort and commitment does not go unnoticed.

Ryan, Golf Tee Time Aggregator

Sanjay, Ashish & Amit,
Demo to HubSpot Singapore & Australia team was very well appreciated, people were very excited about the product.
I wanted to share this with you, it was a proud moment for all of us working on this app and AAPNA has played a massive role in the development.

Arpit, HubSpot Service Provider

Kiran was the best resource from AAPNA we’ve had. He demonstrates an expert level in Laravel and PHP. He was very dedicated to writing clean code and is very good at it. He has a deep understanding of OOP and was able to troubleshoot very effectively. I found he was very easy to work with. He is a hard worker and I enjoyed working with him.

Gilles, Nationwide Title Clearance Company

Dear Decision Team,

just want to let you guys know that you have come alone well. You guys have done a great job and I am very impressed. The important part is I know I can rely on you. Please keep up with the good work. Job well done.

Thank you all!


Madhurima Singh is really a great team member we have in MCDS. She has great knowledge on various applications used in MCDS and always ready to help. She helped a lot of time when anybody need information about something and waiting for response from onsite team members. I really grateful to have such team member in team MCDS.

Manish Gupta
Managing Consultant

Preeti Joshi is really a great team member we have in MCDS. She has great knowledge on various applications used in MCDS and always ready to help. She has great attitude and I’m grateful to have such team member in team MCDS.

Manish Gupta
Managing Consultant

Sagar, Sonil, Aayush ,Ankur and Rashi-

The Decision team is doing a great job. All in all, I am very pleased with their performance. Right now, the work is under me as project resources, but when the project ends, the entire work will move to support mode. In fact, I have recommended using your team for support. Keep up with the good work. It’s a pleasure working with all the team members.

Huey-Chih Lee

I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by Manish Gupta for Mortgage Banking Industry. You may not realize it, but we are well aware of his efforts and dedication, and we cannot express our gratitude enough. We appreciate everything he has done and grateful for his years of dedicated service to MCDS.

Mortgage Banking Industry
Pradeep Parisa

Nisha and Pranay…  “Team, we really appreciate the attention to detail and hard work. This is going to help the people we are here to serve. Seeing these UX updates have been such a delightful experience. Thanks for the hard work that allows therapists to have an impact and elevate lives. Our ultimate goal is to create a delightful experience for our clients. Thank you for your leadership, Hardik.

Uplift Me

I wanted to bring to your attention the tremendous work Sandeep & Gaurav did with a production problem. Due to missteps by the third party payment processor, we encountered errors. Both of them stayed up late to help re-run the billing and ensured all the changes were done correctly. Our leadership team was extremely happy with the outcome. I would also like to ensure the rest of the team members get the deserved kudos for all the efforts they have put in to deliver some critical features. Please pass along a big thanks from Golf TEE Time Aggregator to the entire team


“Was commending Nitin and Shivam for their efforts.  They have done excellently, especially with their work on the DevOps project this past year. I am very aware of all of the hard work you two have been doing and would like to thank both of you for all the hours you have put in.”

Simon, Mortgage Banking Industry

“I would like to highlight the real commando spirit showcased by Gaurav Amar Singh for TEE Time Aggregator project.

A critical issue was raised by our client during the festive time when everyone in our team was on leave to spend time with their family. The issue was to be addressed immediately as it was annoying their end users. The client asked me to check if any Dev resource can help in fixing this. The first name that came to my mind was Gaurav. I told him about the situation, and he immediately jumped in without showing any concern and provided an immediate fix. Going over and beyond on a holiday at totally odd hours completely justifies the commitment and unstoppable attribute of Gaurav. Displaying such dedication and commitment towards the project and organisation really makes the fellow mates like me proud and gives assurance that there is strong support available to back up all the time.”

Sandeep Goel, Managing Consultant

Sachin Tangoria, Sanjay Kumar and Kabita Chiral

“Thank you for your support successful execution of another virtual event. The team helped us in last minute registrations and login of more than 1000 attendees without any issues.

Kudos to you all for a wonderful job and working on weekend.”


Decision Team,

I just want to let you know that I am very pleased with the Decision team, every single one of them. They are very knowledgeable, work fast, very professional, and friendly. I appreciate you provided us such a good team.  It’s been a pleasure working with the team, and I look forward to continuing working with them.


I wanted to give a shout out to Ankit Katiyar. Last weekend, he found out our app submission to resolve a key crash had been rejected. He immediately re-submitted with the right data and released it to the public once the app was approved. Please pass along our gratitude to him for going the extra mile and helping us tide over the crash issue.


Kudos to Manish Gupta for his extreme efficiency and hard work for Mortgage Banking work. He is truly passionate and always looking for work and meet deadlines. I just wanted to make sure you know how much he is valued and appreciated. Not only he completes excellent quality work but also helps other coworkers as well. He always exceeds our expectations.


We appreciate Anuj’s contributions with the Time Tracking Tool implementation. He did a great job with the requirements and helping to narrow down our choice to 7pace. I am proud to have him as part of our team!!

I look forward to the next few weeks as the roll out happens and I am sure Anuj will once again be instrumental with transitioning our off shore team to our new time tracking system.


Prashant has developed Power BI reports that I use throughout the day…every day…to know where the business stands. The reports are extremely useful for me and my managers. Prashant has been a pleasure to work with. He is very responsive to questions and requests for changes. I receive positive feedback from Ara, as well.

Absolutely agree with Alan. Prashant has been a delight to work with. He’s helped me and my team to become a lot more efficient and data driven. We have a lot more reports and look forward to working with him on those.

Alan – CEO – TCE
Ara – Director of Operation – TCE

I want to appreciate Offshore QA teams support. They are always willing to give their best at work. They are very flexible with timings, understand the urgency and support the team in meeting tight deadlines.

Special thanks to Preeti and Madhu for their help during DR Phase 1 testing and also with the recent Emergency release we had on Friday.

Rashi and Anu have been very helpful meeting the tight deadlines. Consumer Connect team appreciates Rashi’s work and have applauded her for identifying high number of defects during one of the recent sprints.


It was a successful engagement. Aapna Infotech delivered quality results in a timely and efficient manner. They were a professional team that worked diligently and passionately to provide excellent customer service. They were really committed to helping us reach our objective.

Clearman Lawyers, Australia
Director, Clearman Lawyers, Australia

Thanks to Aapna Infotech’s efforts, the end deliverable met the company’s standards and expectations. The client enjoyed working with the team during the entire process. The team was communicative and coordinative.

Account Executive
Document Management & Workflow Company, Australia
Account Executive, Document Management & Workflow Company, Australia

Aapna Infotech has been consistently upholding a smooth and consistent workflow. Their partnership has been showing great results in SEO. Web traffic also doubled last year, which they expect to continue. The Aapna team is quick to respond to requests and queries, and they’re easy to connect with.

Associate Director of Communications, Shakti Foundation

Dev/QA Team,

Team I just wanted to take a minute and let everyone know what great work you are all doing. We just got off a call with Cristy and Jeff. They received a call yesterday from a large client with nothing but positive praise for the product. We still have more to add but team this was great feedback and let us all know the effort that has gone into this has been worth it. It also let us know we are going in the right direction. Again GREAT JOB!!! And GREAT TEAM!!! .. Jason

I second and triple that… AWESOME job and thank you team! Let’s continue to do great things, we are already differentiating ourselves from the competition and setting the bar high!!! .. Hye-Jin

SSS Project Team

The team is very responsive to all the requirements and delivered the project on time and within the budget. The client was satisfied with the end result

Lester Salvatierra, Director, First US Finance LLC
Dear Aman,

We want to extend our thanks and gratitude for all your hard work to ensure a successful launch of the new T-JTA website. It has been a long and challenging journey, but our efforts have paid off. The launch has been a big success and gone very smoothly for our customers. Thank you for helping to make that happen.This letter is going out to all team members, so let’s all recognize Ayush for his constant development efforts, Alok for QA testing, Sandeep for providing organized and patient leadership, and Abhijit for sticking with us over the years despite the challenges. Last but not least, a very special thanks to Aman for his extensive efforts, focus, and dedication to the project. We have all worked late nights, although I suspect Aman has perhaps gotten the least sleep.

We are very excited to begin this new chapter for the T-JTA with AAPNA by our side. Thank you again for helping us get here, and looking forward to reaching new heights together.

Best regards,

Psychological Publications, Inc

With DevOps in the works now for several weeks, Adnan, Jagan, and Devender have essentially taken over the majority of duties in relation to all lower environments which has freed myself and Preston up for other tasks and been a huge help. They also continue to make improvements and adjustments that make our lives even further easier due to their organization and preparation of the prodmock/production package. Thanks to their help with production releases have been going incredibly smooth, it has been months since we have had any release-related issues in production and I credit much of that to the preparation Adnan and team put into each release.


Thank you Deepak and Vipin.

Appreciate your help and efforts for relentlessly supporting us in many website initiatives. You guys have been our go-to-team whenever we are in crisis not just once but every time. Looking forward to the same energy, attitude and fire to help us reach newer milestones.

Siddharth, Maveric Systems


You did a great job in the presentation today and brought up a topic on Accessibility testing that was an interest to the team. Your delivery was passionate and informative without being a threat to QA. I have received many positive comments on today’s CoP and your presentation.

Keep up the good work!

Rakesh, Mortgage Banking Industry

Since onboarding the Aapna Infotech team, the company noticed more traffic to their website. This was an improvement as they had not been receiving any online enquiries before. The team’s global reach allowed the company to get things done even outside of normal working hours.

Nicholas – Managing Director
Optimize Plumbing Drainage & Gas Pty Ltd, Australia
Nicholas – Managing Director, Optimize Plumbing Drainage & Gas Pty Ltd, Australia

I would share with you some thoughts about my experience with AAPNA dev team, there were 12 months of intense collaboration that for many aspects surprised me.
I’ve deployed this technology in several countries (Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Japan, USA) so I’ve worked with many different teams, what I can say is that AAPNA’s team was able to understand the meaning of the service and the technology architecture really fast (faster than any other groups that I’ve worked with before).

What your team is able to do is not just providing an excellent technical execution but most importantly they are really good in human interaction. This is something rare and precious especially in a market like the USA where humanness is not exactly a priority.

I hope we will have other opportunities to work together

Dario, MMH Mac App

From the Desktop App all the way down to the production platform, everything look perfect. My best compliment to Ankit Katiyar, he did great

Dario, MMH Mac App

I am that impressed with your work that I am now talking to the client about entering the website into some award ceremony.

Phil Kelsey, Owner
Web Development Company, UK

AAPNA is our partner of choice for our ever-growing company since our relationship began in 2016. AAPNA turned around Mortgage Company’s struggle to make progress on it’s technology investments and I am extremely grateful to have such a dedicated team of talented individuals to enable Mortgage Company’s next goals and objectives. AAPNA and Mortgage Company represent one IT organization and collectively we care about quality, integrity and follow through.

Shailaja Tekulapally
Development Director, Mortgage Banking Sector


It is rare that I will say great job or thank you prior to a development effort being in production, but this deserves an exception. Ayesha and I just met with Quandis and they confirmed that UAT for Freddie Mac has passed, and they are prepared to “turn on” the switch this Friday. I am absolutely certain that I have missed folks (especially those that silently, but faithfully makes things work behind the scenes), but fantastic job to be prepared for tomorrow’s release. This will also give us the opportunity to utilize the Default end-to-end functionality for Freddie Mac. And, Aditya, I love the new project testing metrics if I have not mentioned it previously.

Ayesha, special thanks for guiding us to this point. (Good job monkey!)

Please pass this thank you and kudos on to those that I may have missed.

Thanks again.

Kevin, Vice President, Information Technology Mortgage Industry

Your team has been exceptional in terms of delivery under pressure. While there may have been few quality glitches, I appreciate the efforts invested by the team with conviction and dedication throughout the development and deliverable of each request.

Especially, Tabassum has been great in terms of gathering requirements directly from our Marketing Managers, Website SPOC and reverting with completion of respective activities. Her quality of not giving up under tremendous pressure, short turn-around-time expectation and going the mile in extending her support has been overall incredible. Please pass this onto her personally.

On the other hand, I’ve received some good appreciations for Deepak and Vipin for their individual efforts in our landing pages and microsite projects. I received these directly from the Business Units to an extent wherein they precisely call out these names even during their planning phase and request me to ensure these individuals are available when in need. Please pass this to both of them.

Overall, I am very happy with the entire team on extended support so far for Hexaware Technologies. We want to continue to build on this capability and give them the opportunities where they continue to support to their best of their capabilities inclusive of growing as a professional; by enabling them to up skill themselves in areas of opportunities.

Hope this testimonial really helps understand my gratification towards the team.

Stanley Nadar, Hexaware

Sachin Tangoria and the entire AAPNA Infotech team did a fantastic job revitalizing my website. They are the only web company I have worked with and throughout the years they have provided excellent support and prompt service. I recommend AAPNA to all companies which are serious about their online presence. Thank you!!!

Lester Salvatierra, First US Finance LLC

I extremely appreciate our association with AAPNA. In the past one year we achieved lot and without your diligence, hard work and several late nights and early mornings, we would not have been here where we are now. The highly experienced, efficient and motivated technical staff have been indispensable to maintain our project deadlines and success. I wish many more successful anniversaries for AAPNA.

CIO – Mortgage Banking Sector

Job well done team! I am so excited about the success of our collaborative efforts for driving the implementation of this new mobile technology for our vendors. Thank you all and I am excited to be part of such an AWESOME team!

Mortgage Industry

Hi Pooja

I sincerely appreciate all your hard work towards the ACH Vendor payment project.

This project got deferred almost three times due to all the complexities around it but finally went to production as a part of last night’s release.

I know there were lots of back and forth that happened between you and the onsite developer assigned to this project in terms of what is the expected behavior for different scenarios , couple of defects and fixes. But you stayed strong till the end and completed testing for this project.

Again, appreciate all your effort and expect the same from you in future projects as well.

Suparna Bhadury, Mortgage Connect
Suparna, Mortgage Industry

I would sincerely like to appreciate Prateek and Deepu’s hard work towards the default projects.
Default projects were top priorities and their contribution did not go unnoticed.

Prateek did a wonderful job by analyzing the requirement, asking all the right questions and producing documents with various workflows pre and post UAT that were so helpful. He is undoubtedly the subject matter expert for REO project.

Deepu’s effort towards Default billing were tremendous. Also, he helped us expanding our regression suite for default. I think at offshore Deepu’s domain knowledge towards the TSG module is really strong.
The best part about both of them what I feel as a test coordinator at onsite is they are always available online to troubleshoot any issues or to answer any questions related to default modules. Default business users are very demanding and hard to please . Without resources like Prateek and Deepu it would have been really difficult to make any progress effectively.

Thank you and good job guys !!!!

Suparna Bhadury, Mortgage Connect
Suparna, Mortgage Industry

Wish you a very Happy Diwali, On this auspicious occasion do want to let you guys know what a great job you all doing, you all have been absolutely fantastic about turning things around and very thankful for all the endless hours you put on work to finish.
we really appreciate your hard work and dedication. Thanks for everything you do and keep up the great work!

Shailaja Tekulapally, Mortgage Connect
Shailaja, Mortgage Industry

I sincerely appreciate our offshore QA team for all the hard work and dedication. Chandan, Prateek and Geetika – You guys rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just so that you know, Shailaja has arranged for chocolates which Aditya will be getting for you guys.

Suparna Bhadury, Mortgage Connect
Suparna, Mortgage Industry

I just wanted to take a minute and acknowledge the fantastic job by Ashok and Deepu throughout this disbursement project. This project was challenging and demanding, but this team stepped up each and every time and did so with a smile and enthusiasm! Our team members here enjoyed working with Ashok and Deepu and are looking forward to additional success on future projects. I personally am very thankful to have worked with such a great team. Everyone contributed and had an important role in the success of this project. Thanks again!

Steven Buggey, Mortgage Connect
Steven, Mortgage Industry

The whole AAPNA infotech team have done a fantastic job for AEEE Conclave website. A complete website making in a very short span of time can be very difficult process, and they managed to get this live within the time. We would like to say that AAPNA infotech have very good customer support and solve problems in a timely manner.
We want to thank you for your professionalism & help and we look forward to continue work with you.

Vaibhav Khare, AEEE
Vaibhav Khare, AEEE

Hi Vipin, Thanks a lot for all the support you have provided in the last couple of days. We appreciate your efforts and timely share of all updates and stretching yourself even post work hours. Thanks Deepak for your support for the microsite and timely share of all deliverables!

Thanks Team!

Aditya Sarkar - Hexaware Technologies
Aditya Sarkar, Hexaware Technologies

When we were looking for a website designer for the project Connect to Grow, AAPNA was suggested to us by a colleague as a reliable IT company in India that is familiar with working on projects with a social impact. We contracted them to develop an online ‘marketplace’ platform for Connect to Grow and since then have worked with them on other projects including upgrading the Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business and Search Inclusive Business.

We have found their services to be good and reliable and for international projects they provide good value for money. They are quick to respond to any request and have delivered all services in a timely manner. Some of the projects have been complicated but the AAPNA team have always tried their best to develop solutions for any issue that has arisen. At times, there have been a few glitches in delivery but overall I’ve had a very good experience working with them and I would recommend them to potential clients.


Lara Sinha - Ashley Insight
Lara Sinha, Associate, Ashley Insight and Manager of the Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business

Working with AAPNA was more than what I expected. Starting from requirement analysis, design conceptualisation, smart coding and keeping a tight-watch on given timeline AAPNA Infotech has been exceeding my expectation.

Murali Thangam
Murali Thangam, United Nations in India

Atul has been a fine example of your company’s vision.  I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

T. Tim Peregoy, Axiom’s Consulting Group

We have been working with the team at Aapna Infotech for the past few years. Although we were very reluctant to employ offshore developers, we decided to give Aapna Infotech a try. This was one of the better decisions that we have made for our business.

Although it took a bit of getting used to operating with the time difference, we quickly and easily adjusted. The team at Aapna Infotech is very flexible and go out of their way to meet at times convenient for our team, and convenient for our clients. Another fear that we had was that communication channels would be poor. Once again, the team at Aapna Infotech proved us wrong. Both their written and verbal language skills are excellent. We, and our clients, find it extremely easy to communicate with them.

The quality of work that Aapna Infotech produces is impeccable. They are excellent at following directions, and always work quickly and efficiently. The end-product is superior to that which I have seen from their on-shore competition.

Finally, and most importantly, the team at Aapna Infotech is trustworthy. We feel that we can trust them in interacting with our clients. They are professional, honest, and loyal. We are blessed to have Aapna Infotech as part of our development team.

Alison J.Balter InfoTech Services Group, Inc. Canada

Client Team love the new website. You’ve really done a fantastic job on this project. A special thank you to your development team as well. We had the training session with them on Monday and they really liked how easy it was to update and you’ve done a great job simplifying the admin custom post types so even non web people can maintain the website with ease. The staff did comment that it was nice and easy to manage. So, thank you and well done.

Testimonial from UK based client

The mobile Website was a huge success!!! It works great, I am already getting several responses daily!!! 25% of my emails are coming from the mobile site. the expenditure screen(drive thru and counter) is AWESOME!!

I tested it on the touch screen and it is really cool!! The printing program amazes me.It work so well.

Jeff, Rely Software

I have had the pleasure of working with AAPNA on two big WordPress projects. AAPNA delivered the websites in a timely and co-ordinated manner. AAPNA have previously developed bespoke WP plugins and jQuery modules and have the ability in house to develop advanced WordPress features.

AAPNA have worked on a large boat builders website and a secondary school website. Each project required a high level of bespoke programming following strict visual guidelines. They delivered perfectly.

I would recommended Anuj and  his development team at AAPNA Infotech to businesses with an off-shore WordPress development requirement.

WordPress development company, London

It was a beautiful spring morning last year when we took on a simple development project for an existing .net application that needed just a ‘few, fairly small changes’…  many weeks later, having parted ways with a development team unable to deliver the necessary changes and discovered that a ‘few, fairly small changes’ was actually a complex project that was to last many months it was with bated breath and high hopes that we first spoke to the Aapna team. From the very first we were impressed with their professionalism, and throughout the project the team were incredibly hard working, diligent and generally a pleasure to work with.  Despite some tough deadlines and very flexible requirements the team always kept us up to date about their deliverables, timescales and the plethora of bank holidays you have!


We were delighted with the opportunity to work with Atul, Shyam and the team again on a similar project this year, and remain very happy for the recommendation that put us in touch with Aapna.  Now if only we could have a stable set of requirements from our client to work to…”

Web Design & Web Hosting company, UK

I would rate the team as highly satisfactory; I am always impressed with how diligently they work to meet stringent deadlines, and their unfailing professionalism and friendliness. It is a pleasure to work with you!

Web Design company , UK

During the total project time that we worked with AAPNA, there was always a commitment and responsibility from their part.

AAPNA was very reliable in looking ways to please our requirements even when those requirements were almost out of the scope. The delivery of the final product covered all our expectation completely.

For these and many other reasons we, amply recommend AAPNA Infotech Services for any Web development endeavor.

Property Management Firm, US

Thanks to its flexibility and commitment, the team at AAPNA has proven to be a key partner for our first project, The Luxury Wine Club.

Vincent Fleurant, Mercure-i CTO
The Luxury Wine Club

I am Mohit Goel from Neelam Sales Agency. We have had the honor of being associated with AAPNA right from the beginning when they had their office in the Incubator at JSSATE, Noida. Call it luck or destiny, but there was more than just NSA’s relation with JSS that helped us find connect with AAPNA. My father, Mr. L.K. Goel, turned out to be a senior of Mr. Roy from his engineering days. This automatically created a trustworthy relation between us.

We have had the opportunity to witness AAPNA’s wonderful growth over the years and thank Mr. Roy for always choosing us to be their preferred IT Vendor. In fact, we have witnessed such cases with many of our clients, but what makes AAPNA ‘Special’ is that I had the opportunity to interact at a very professional level with the man behind the success of AAPNA. I have seen him work very closely over the last year, especially the way he conducts himself at BNI and has led the group, and he has become a role model to me.

  • He communicates his vision for AAPNA very effectively
  • He is Passionate about his vision
  • He is a Great Decision Maker. He is Quick, he is Thoughtful and he is Committed
  • He is a Great Team Builder. Always keep’s the teams spirits up. I have interacted with many of his team members and all are so joyful at work
  • He has Great Character, which is the foundation for all his other traits

Apart from interacting on the work front, he has become a very good pal.After 6 years of calling him ‘Sir’, he became ‘Abhijit’ and then very quickly ‘Dada’. All this happened in a span of 1 year.What I love about him is that he is always the first person in the group to start dancing, and also drinking. I love his expression “Ohh..” which displays the innocence within him.

All-in-all, he is a great leader and an even better human being. The entire team at Neelam Sales Agency wishes him and the entire AAPNA team all the very best and we hope to be part of your Annual Day each year to share your happiness in success.

Form Neelam Sales Agency
(Mohit Goel) Managing Director

Mohit Goel, Managing Director
Neelam Sales Agency

We thoroughly enjoyed working with you and would highly recommend your services.

Program Coordinator, The World Bank
The World Bank

We have been extremely pleased with their knowledge and expertise of IT products and services, high quality of staff, and prompt delivery of output.

Operations Advisor, The World Bank
The World Bank

The site made by you is not good…….. It is very good. We have already started getting business through our website.

Atithi, New Delhi

I first met Abhijit at a BNI networking meet in October,2010. He came across as someone with in-depth knowledge of Web solutions, Web content and E-commerce business. As I also belong to the same industry, we both connected well and developed great chemistry over the coming months… more

Vikas Rajput, CEO
MR Reporting

The mobile website was a huge success!!!!

It works great, I am already getting several responses daily!!! 25% of my emails are coming from the mobile site.

The expenditure screen (drive thru and counter ) is AWESOME! I tested it on the touch screen and it is really cool! The printing program amazes me. It works so well.

–Jeff Kolar, Vice President

On behalf of The Bodhi Group, Inc. I would like to express my gratitude to staff at AAPNA Infotech and in particular, the team who developed and worked so diligently on our website. Your team has trans-formed our website and made us an equal player in the competitive business… more