AAPNA is Great Place to Work® Certified Company in India. The certification recognizes, we focus on outstanding employee experience and creating a best place to work in India.

The Great Place to Work certification is awarded to companies that deliver outstanding employee experiences and demonstrate best-in-class people practices based on a robust assessment process. To get Great Place to Work certification, an organization must achieve a minimum of 70% positive responses in the Trust Index© survey and abide by the audit norms. The Lists are curated basis a combination of the scores on the Trust Index© Survey & Culture Audit© People Practices evaluation.

AAPNA demonstrated excellence in terms of fair promotions, equal opportunity for recognition, straight responses to questions among other criteria

Our Beliefs

To be known as a
“Great Place to Work”

We have “Culture
of Ownership”

To never lose a

To be the best
in whatever we do

To uphold respect and
honour over all else

Benchmark Comparison

Benchmark Comparison

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India Top 50 – Great Mid Size Workplaces

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  • As per my experience, open door policy, knowledge sharing, work culture, and employee respect, these are the key factors for Aapna.

    Unique About AAPNA – Environment – Really, it’s a great place for work.

    Alok Dixit
  • Employees good work is always noticed, and we get lots of opportunities to get into new and challenging tasks. I think part of the deal is the satisfaction that you have in terms of intellect, engineering achievements.

    Unique About AAPNA – The mindset here is to be always at the cutting edge of technology and race to always stay ahead of the curve. Aapna is not afraid of trying new avenues and technologies. I value AAPNA Values, People, Environment

    Kishor Kumar
  • After joining Aapna, it was a very smooth on-boarding and right from the time I got into project, the project team members really are being supportive and co-operative, Yes! I value Aapna firstly for its great environment (people co-ordination wise) even while being virtually connected. As Aapna has provided the ease of working from home is one of the most commendable things. I like the Commando concept of Aapna and the employee engaging activities that the management is trying to come up for their employees is one of the unique qualities and initiatives by Aapna while being virtual. Also this is the first time I experienced that a higher management (CEO/HR head) having one on one with the new joiners and knowing if the employee is feeling comfortable and if they are facing any challenges or issues and motivating them with their support is absolutely a unique one that makes Aapna different. And yes, L&D concept is one impressive initiative that Aapna has come up with.

    Unique About AAPNA – People & Environment due to each one’s support and co-ordination from every department of Aapna!

    Tejeshwini J
  • AAPNA is surely a People Oriented Organization. AAPNA believes in uplifting of their employees which will automatically take AAPNA to heights.

    Preeti Joshi
  • The ambience of work that AAPNA brings cannot be matched. Everyone is always available to help you out even in the toughest situation.

    Unique About AAPNA – Open Door Policy is what makes AAPNA stands out of the queue.

    Nitin Rawal
  • Aapna… With overall experience of over 10 years now I feel it’s one of the best or I can say THE BEST organisation I ever worked with. There is no comparison between Aapna and others.

    Unique About AAPNA – open door policy, open minds and wings given to its commandos make it unique

    Amit Mittal

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