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The EVP Promises

You’ll have the most opportunities to grow and develop

You’ll have the most opportunities to grow and develop.

You’ll be a valued member of a diverse, high calibre team

You’ll be a valued member of a diverse, high caliber team.

You’ll be empowered to do your best work

You’ll be empowered to do your best work.

Your performance will be recognized and rewarded

Your performance will be recognized and rewarded.

EVP Feedback by Aapnaites

AAPNA is surely a People Oriented Organization. AAPNA believes in uplifting of their employees which will automatically take AAPNA to heights.

Preeti Joshi

As per my experience, open door policy, knowledge sharing, work culture, and employee respect, these are the key factors for Aapna.

Unique About AAPNA – Environment – Really, it’s a great place for work.

Alok Dixit

Employees good work is always noticed, and we get lots of opportunities to get into new and challenging tasks. I think part of the deal is the satisfaction that you have in terms of intellect, engineering achievements.

Unique About AAPNA – The mindset here is to be always at the cutting edge of technology and race to always stay ahead of the curve. Aapna is not afraid of trying new avenues and technologies. I value AAPNA Values, People, Environment

Kishor Kumar

After joining Aapna, it was a very smooth on-boarding and right from the time I got into project, the project team members really are being supportive and co-operative, Yes! I value Aapna firstly for its great environment (people co-ordination wise) even while being virtually connected. As Aapna has provided the ease of working from home is one of the most commendable things. I like the Commando concept of Aapna and the employee engaging activities that the management is trying to come up for their employees is one of the unique qualities and initiatives by Aapna while being virtual. Also this is the first time I experienced that a higher management (CEO/HR head) having one on one with the new joiners and knowing if the employee is feeling comfortable and if they are facing any challenges or issues and motivating them with their support is absolutely a unique one that makes Aapna different. And yes, L&D concept is one impressive initiative that Aapna has come up with.

Unique About AAPNA – People & Environment due to each one’s support and co-ordination from every department of Aapna!

Tejeshwini J

The ambience of work that AAPNA brings cannot be matched. Everyone is always available to help you out even in the toughest situation.

Unique About AAPNA – Open Door Policy is what makes AAPNA stands out of the queue.

Nitin Rawal

Aapna… With overall experience of over 10 years now I feel it’s one of the best or I can say THE BEST organisation I ever worked with. There is no comparison between Aapna and others.

Unique About AAPNA – open door policy, open minds and wings given to its commandos make it unique

Amit Mittal

Aapna is not just employee centric but also the people are really friendly and co-operative to each and everyone.

Unique About AAPNA – Employee policies, People, Recognition and work environment are really great in Aapna

Pankaj Pawar

I value AAPNA because of its integrity, Unity and scope of development. It is different from other organizations as it understands the needs of its employees. It provides employee friendly leave policy and the job timing is friendly too.

Unique About AAPNA – Environment in AAPNA is very unique as I am a fresher, I was very nervous when I joined AAPNA, but its positive environment and support of teammates makes my way in AAPNA easier.

Kabita Chiral

It’s been a new journey since joining, I’m enjoying my work and I’ve learned a lot here. WFH is a new normal and as a fresher it helps to be close to my family as well pursue my career. AAPNA provides a warmth environment for work especially for fresher and it makes AAPNA different from others.

Unique About AAPNA – AAPNA is unique from others as here all AAPNAites work together and grow together. Working as a developer, good projects plays a key role in the success and also recognition as it boosts up motivation and enthusiasm.

Ashish Negi

Environment of the company is very good.

Unique About AAPNA – People in the company are very helpful.

Vasu Verma

The Process which is followed by AAPNA is great. When compared to big MNCs.

Unique About AAPNA – Project/ People/ Processes/ Growth/Recognition/ Environment

Gnana Sekar Stephan P

I am getting all those opportunity for what I am looking for. Company values my opinion not only my but everyone’s. we are getting full support.

Unique About AAPNA – Recognition/Environment: this type of work environment will not get everywhere.

Rajesh Ranjan

Open to anyone, we can easily exchange our views and thoughts with everyone.

Unique About AAPNA – People, Process, Project and also Environment

Bhuvaneshwari R

I really like the open culture & respect in the eyes of every AAPNAites.

Unique About AAPNA – People/Environment – It’s because of the good people, the environment is healthy, open & transparent to work in.

Yogesh Jain

It takes care of employee benefits and understand employees’ requirements

Unique About AAPNA – People and Environment

Nilesh Sharma

The leaders are great here – Abhijit, Sachin, Anuj

Abhilash Singh

AAPNA have employee benefits programs which is really good.

Unique About AAPNA – Values/ People/ Processes/Recognition/ Environment/Project/ Purpose/Growth

Vidit Asthana

I value AAPNA because of team and culture. And it’s one of the best platforms to exploring my skills.

Unique About AAPNA – Environment, People, Growth.

Ayush Tyagi

Empowering Employees, Flexible Work Arrangement, Supportive Superiors & Teammates.

Unique About AAPNA – Values-Trust, Respect, Fairness & Credibility makes Aapna Unique.

Chhaya Verma

The environment this organization provides offline/online and the TRUST they put on their people is the driving force.

Unique About AAPNA – There is no dearth of challenges workwise that keeps us always on our toes and in return it contributes to our growth that adds value. The recognition is one thing that never gets ignored at AAPNA. People as a team are great and help each other to overcome toughest scenarios with satisfying results.

Brajendra Singh

I joined as an iOS developer and I also add 2 new technologies (Flutter and Decisions) in my profile and working on MCDS. Now I am capable for work in 3 technologies and this is also good for AAPNA. L&D program or supportive staff is different from other organizations.

Unique About AAPNA – 1. People 2. Process 3. Environment 4. Project 5. Growth

Varun Bhola

The AAPNA value for Employee knowledge, I am glad that I am using my experience and capabilities in many projects in the organization. Beside this my curiosity to learn other technologies and trying to feel comfortable of my team members create comfort and good result. Here the company appreciate employee efforts. Which seems one kind of booster. I loved to face more challenging task and complete them.

Unique About AAPNA – Values/ People/ Processes/ Growth/ Recognition/ Environment

Sanjay Kumar

AAPNA is able to interpret the future of IT and adapt accordingly very early 2. Process, Process and the Processes (need to make certain once faster or simpler, Strict Process assures right discipline) 3. Enough AAPNAPAN (Overall there is enough warmth for going forward but we need to learn more on this like we need to practice certain skills which would make almost every employee take the ownership. This enhancement would work through management trainings/seminars/courses and Aapna should also nurture such potentials(even if they aren’t in forefront for now) committed Existing/ Future Leaders/to be Managers who have already taken the ownership and who’s dreams about Aapna’s future doesn’t let them sleep.

Unique About AAPNA – Values: AAPNA Values this and Strictly Based on Good Values, Projects: Good Exposure and Latest Tech, Purpose: Clear, People: Warmth, Process: Strict, Growth: More on the Cards (good to hear that), Recognition: Yes, Environment: Good


Nachiket Namjoshi

As an HR, I look out for qualities like integrity, honesty and passion, in a person as the key driving factor. Along with this I look for people who seem to be keen to grab opportunities to learn and grow at all times. Passion for work and doing what you like the best is what we preach, practice and try to incorporate in each sphere of job roles at AAPNA. I strongly believe that a person’s core value should be to keep improving oneself and passion for work should be their key driving force.

AAPNA’s vision, is never to lose the human touch which is our key principle. Abhijit always wanted to grow only so far, as he will know each and every member of the team personally, to acknowledge their hardship, dedication & commitments towards each and every client of AAPNA. Hence true to this spirit, we have grown to a team where we operate like commandos and not like an army. They are trained, groomed and loved to become a true AAPNAITE and once they embed these qualities, then they are the flag bearers for the next gen of AAPNAITES. This is how we dream to grow, and have been successful so far.

Being Happy at workplace is our focus, hence providing a work environment where people can be truly happy to work in, has always been my focus and main concern. As everyone spends a considerable time at his/her workplace, we try and provide a happy environment, as then it increases passion for work, motivation & hence productivity & profit which then goes back to team AAPNA. This concept, I am happy to say, is a proven fact for us and is what makes us different. To achieve this, we have open door policy, no strict hierarchy and no office politics, as the fundamentals to achieve the above environment. Every AAPNAITES embraces & adopts these. Over the years, many AAPNA pillars have helped mentor and groom the next generation AKA newbies @ AAPNA to uphold the same. It’s difficult to express, but I truly hold dear many of the team members we work with, much more than they themselves know. I respect and honour the contribution they have made to AAPNA, as the pillars of AAPNA, past and present alike.

Sanghamitra Roy, Head of HR and Finance
Sanghamitra Roy
Head HR

“I am part of AAPNA family for almost 2 years now and the journey has been a fulfilling one. The experience I get at AAPNA is quite different from my previous organisation, be it the manner of work, team or culture. Most of you must be unaware that I have a very interesting hiring story with Aapna. I was to join Aapna in Nov 2017, almost a year before I joined but due to some reasons, I could not. But the whole interview process – discussion with Atul and Abhijeet did leave a remarkable impression with me and I started following Aapna on social platforms. When after a year I decided to make a switch, Rakhi was the first person I called and I am happy and lucky enough that I was given the opportunity to be part of Aapna once again.

Aapna is like a close-knit family and office becomes your second home. Before COVID, I always looked forward to coming to the office every day and I love the whole energy on the floor especially amongst my team. The work keeps you challenged and makes you thrive for more. Here I have gained experience of working in a team and delighted to say that it is the best team to be a part of. Everyone is friendly, always there to help. A mentor who always have your back and you don’t have to think twice before giving a suggestion or proposing something. Anyone at Aapna is considered one of their own and given complete independence along with proper guidance, an ideal environment to grow.”

Priyanka Agarwal
Senior Consultant

AAPNA is a place of trust and also a real great group of people who is combined as a team and also a place to explore lot of your talent and an open environment for discussions as both ends and the gates are always open for help from one and another. Though we all have a lot of differences/ opinions, everyone strives to mingle all the thoughts & make the organization a successful one.

IT Recruiter

I have found AAPNA culture to be very engaging. Team members are passionate about their work and their dedication is an asset and wealth for AAPNA. Policies are quite unique creating a sense of belongingness. Work is challenging and creative and with the expansion of the team, the scope and growth of the job will go hand in hand.

Prachi Bablani
Associate HR Admin Executive

I just joined AAPNA, but sincerely feels it’s a “feel-fresh- breezy” company, which provides immense growth opportunities to its employees in a overall manner.

Shurbhi Gupta
Surbhi Gupta
Sr. Software Engineer

AAPNA has a true understanding of what it takes to make it a great place to work with! I would highly regard following traits as a great value: Respect, Appreciation, Environment, Team, Motivation and rooms for personal growth.

Rabish Kumar Ravi
Rabish Kumar Ravi
Tech Lead .NET

AAPNA values employees. AAPNA team is amazing.

Niraj Kumar
Niraj Kumar
Software Engineer

Check out what clients are saying

250+ happy clients. 100s of positive feedbacks.

  • Aditya

    Thank you very much Aditya! You did an excellent job in the UAT validating the OCR functionality. I know this involved learning a lot of new things for the April Release. I really appreciate all you have done for the OCR project!

  • Shelly Jain

    Throughout Shelly’s time with us, she has again and again worked hard to prove herself a strong, independent member of our team. Not only a talented engineer, but someone who can take complex requirements and work to develop an understanding of them quickly and correctly. She communicates closely with other team members with questions, raises concerns, and documents everything to satisfaction. We look forward to continuing her to work with her towards the future!

  • Swati Gupta

    I wanted to send out a note to thank Swati Gupta for her invaluable contributions this past year.  She began 2023 transitioning into the role of Product Owner and getting into the full-time responsibilities associated with it.  While she continues to excel in that role, she also took on the additional role of mobile tester during the last quarter.  This allowed Golf Tee Time Aggregator to meet critical deadlines while ensuring the final product was of the highest quality.  This willingness to adapt to the team’s needs is not surprising at all.  She deeply cares about our team and has a strong work ethic. Our business and development team members have come to rely on her for subject matter expertise.  She has earned this high degree of trust through perseverance and commitment.

    I firmly believe that the sky is the limit for Swati.  We are incredibly grateful to have her as part of our team.

  • Buddha is a dedicated and committed QA resource. He has completed the given tasks ontime with good quality.  He has a thirst for skills and knowledge. He always challenges himself to perform tasks to the best possible standard. He also started contributing to automation failure analysis and fixing them.

    Sunil J
  • C J HeamChander,

    I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for your good work and dedication to our project. I am genuinely impressed by the positive impact you have made in the automation process. Thank you for the good work and expecting the same in the future.

  • Amit and Shyam,

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your efforts on producing the new tax sheet. You two were so patient with everyone as we went through the UAT and the various change requests that followed. You turned around the changes very rapidly. Your ability to quickly mock up various report layout options for the business to review was instrumental in delivering the best solution to the business. Then after deployment you two were right on top if it with making the required changes in identifying and resolving the root cause of the data delay.

    It is my pleasure to work with both of you. Your knowledge and expertise are quite evident and set you apart. Your patience and perseverance are also key attributes that make you very valuable to the success of our standing with the business.

    Gina, Mortgage Banking Industry

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