We recently automated the entire on-boarding process of new employees for a mid-sized IT company.

The product is built for maintaining records of employee working on different locations with their permits. Along with that the product also helps in managing day to day administrative work to ensure health, safety, security and environmental standards are maintained and tracked.

A start-up working to manage kids’ screen time and educate them on the life skills

A desktop-based application that leverages TypeDB and API’s as a source of data for visualization. A tool to fetch the data from the TypeDB database and generate the Knowledge graph. So, users can better understand the data statics.

This application integrates multiple Teesheets and payment processes alongside supporting legacy token system.

Our new mortgage client provides a platform which offers a dynamic and highly integrated signing services for businesses and their customers. It also simplifies the vendor management process. The client met AAPNA almost a year back for the project which was at that time managed by a company much larger than us.

A digital insurance provider was looking for a software vendor to launch their MVP. With the funding dependent on MVP, they were looking for a reliable, experienced, flexible vendor that can deliver the project on budget and challenging cutting-edge technologies.

EPR India is a platform that caters to all producers and plastic recovery organizations (PRO) under the ambit of Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016.

Introduction to EPR India

With only 24% of total solid waste processed annually, India is notorious for poor waste management. This is exacerbated by the fact that India is projected to spend USD $11 Billion in solid waste management over the next 20 years.

For two decades, Maps of World and Maps of India have provided various mapping solutions to millions of people. The Maps section provides various maps and custom map development.

Compare Infobase
About Hexaware

Hexaware, a 19000+ employee global IT giant with a presence that spans across 5 continents, chose us to build and maintain their website.

Trying to provide great customer support, yet at the same time reduce expense?

Our “Intelligent” chatbots will assist the sales and support team to increase sales and enhance customer service standards.

insurance chatnot

Comes in two flavors – Mobile and Web, this App is developed for students of US military schools to view and manage their student life in a easy way.

Mobile App developed for the US Mortgage industry for Real-Time tracking of vendors and doc uploading.

Tracking Phone
Client Fee Calculator

Utility built for US mortgage industry to calculate the fees that are to be charged to their service seekers for mortgage services.

The Application is built for one of the largest financial institutions in West Africa, and supports a large and complex portfolio.

Client Fee Calculator

If the US Mortgage Industry was a country, it would have the third largest GDP in the world with a total of $10.3 trillion mortgage debt. One of the largest Mortgage Service companies in US, which works for clients such as the Bank of America and Citi Bank, wanted to leverage our enterprise application development capabilities to boost their competitiveness.

A modern, dynamic and state-of-the-art website, developed for United Nations in India, to showcase information about their initiatives to all stakeholders through an improved visitor experience.


HRIS AAPNA provides a flexible system with very professional services. The HRIS AAPNA app is an effort to extend the AAPNA PMS Web App to the mobile platform and thus bypassing the need for a static workstation for carrying out these operations like Apply for Leave, get notifications for Employees on leave, Birthday calendar and notifications, Annual holidays etc.

By 2024, the global IoT market is expected to grow to $6.5 trillion. IoT is already enabling Smart City initiatives worldwide. Our IoT Development team provided a solution that will evolve waste management in such smart cities.

TJTA desk

The Psychological Publications, Inc. is the organization behind the widely used personality assessment called the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis.

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