Celebrations are mostly seen as a part of human culture to nurture relationships and strengthen human values. In business culture, celebrations are essential to cement the bond between the company and its workforce. It also allows an enterprise to show employees how much they value them.  However, only a few enterprises realize the value of celebrations in business culture. AAPNA Infotech is one among them.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” No one knows the meaning of this age-old proverb better than AAPNA Infotech, a company that highly values team building and engagement. AAPNA created and promoted several virtual team-building and engagement games. Those unique virtual games and platforms boosted the productivity and profitability of enterprises in every shape and size, particularly during CoVID days when companies worldwide don’t have any other option than to let their employees work remotely. It is noteworthy that AAPNA’s business model is worth emulating.

Flying Off Goa

The annual day celebration is one of the most popular celebrations in which every company invests to attain these objectives. At a juncture where CoVID-induced fear, infections, and death rates are coming down, AAPNA decided to take a shot at their annual day celebration in Goa. It was a three-day event nicknamed ‘Magic in Goa’ organized at the Baywatch Beach resort from 22nd to 24th April 2022.

The Arrival of Commandos at Baywatch Beach Resort

AAPNA Commandos arrived from all over the country, with lot of excitement. At the reception, they were met personally by the leadership team members, and welcomed with a t-shirt, custom itinerary and a big warm group of enthusiastic colleagues. The PARTY BEGINS…. 

Baywatch Beach Resort

The commandos arrived at Baywatch Beach resort

Welcome Kit for Annual Day Celebration 2022

They received a warm welcome with a ‘Welcome Kit’

Welcome Meet

Meet and Greet program

Room Allocation

Room Allocation

AAPNA Team Having Lunch at Baywatch Goa


Team Building Games in Annual Day 2022

The annual day celebration kicked off at afternoon with three team-building games played at Colva beach till evening. The commandos were grouped into three teams – Warriors, Wolf Packs, and Titan – and they played the games: Fill the Bucket, Balloon Tower, and Tug of War.

The commandos engaged in those three games with a sportsman spirit and enjoyed it thoroughly. The games enthralled the spectators as well. The winners were announced, and prizes were shared.

Special thanks to Mr. Naresh Vij, and Valerie for coordinating and energising the event.

Pool Side Party at Resort

The party was filled with excitement. This was the day prior to the main day – and by the fun people had at the pool party, everyone was eager with expectation about how AAPNA HR team can UP their own game the next day – and BOY were they up for a surprise…

Limited Drinks

Beach Party - Annual Day 2022

Team Connect with DJ

Pool Side Party - AAPNA Team Dance

23rd April, marks the key day for the celebration of the Annual Day celebration! The stage was set for all the Commandos and so were the awards, that earmarked the excitement to next level!

The day started with the presentations of AAPNA leadership team where they showcased their teams’ achievements, successes, and plans for the coming 5 years.

A wide spectrum of awards ranging from appreciating years of service, to applauding hard work and dedication, to acknowledging the new ideas and initiatives to performance who have contributed consistently to AAPNA, all had a special place on the award table. Among the wide plethora of awards, The Sundar Pichai Award, The Perfectionist, The Lone Wolf, The Consistent Performer Award, The Stalwarts are few names to mention!

An award that celebrates extreme dedication, hard work and performance – MS Dhoni Award was conferred upon Hardik Shah, which was well deserved. He is known as an all-round rock star, a strong leader, a CORE techie, a client dazzler, and a great find for AAPNA

Vineet Tyagi, the proud recipient of The Champion of Champion Award – Employee of the Year award for all round performance in building the decisions practice, bringing in new customer & key team members! Always diligent, available & high on energy, his award speaks volumes of his work, and contribution at AAPNA. 

The leaders have always been known to appreciate and reward their team, but something incredible happened on the 23rd of April, a memory sealed and to be cherished for years. Our CEO Abhijit Roy and CHRO Sanghamitra Roy were honoured by their team through awards. 

Abhijit Roy was bestowed by the award – The Mentor of Mentors explains the fact that there are leaders who could have more power, wealth, or influence in the world, but Abhijit Roy is beyond all of them. He possesses the charisma to build relationships with everyone he touches – for life. All AAPNA Bandaaz would have had an opportunity to learn and thereby grow by just being in his presence. It is an absolute honour and a privilege to be working with him!

 Sanghamitra Roy, was awarded the Pearl of Excellence Award, as she embodies the true spirit of AAPNA. This culture, which we take so much pride in, would not have been possible without her driving force. Her warmth and concern for all AAPNA Bandaaz, not just as employees, but as an extended family is beyond compare. 

These awards were given by the leadership team, reflecting the culture, the bonding, the gratitude, the maturity, and respect everyone holds for them! That is what AAPNA is all about – making it stand out from the rest! 

The entire team witnessed a loud roar of applause for our mentors, giving a standing ovation to their mentors, making this a moment into a memory to cherish for life! 

The event concluded with a wide range of cultural skits presented by various teams at AAPNA, and it was an absolute delight! The acting, the dialogues, the themes, and the background scores, added thrill and fun to this day. The ‘Unity in Diversity’ skit stood out from the rest, grabbing first position among all the cultural skits presented.

‘A good beginning makes a good end’ – This goes in sync with the Annual Day celebration – The Magic in Goa event, which will be cherished by everyone for years to come!

Important Announcements on Annual Day 2022 – Magic in Goa

  • AAPNA Mascots – Ekam & Sunya
  • ESOP – Everyone is an Owner
  • AAPNA YearBook 2022 – Featuring AAPNA Commandos and Achievements
AAAPNA Leaders in Annual Day 2022
Gala Dinner Baywatch

After a fun-filled annual day celebration, the unwinding time for AAPNAites began to tick as live entertainments like fire and neon dance were rolled out for them. A gala dinner with unlimited drinks was also served at Betalbatim beach till late at night.

Bidding Adieu

On the 24th, the third day of the annual day celebration, the time has arrived for AAPNAites to put a little break for fun and get into the world of work. Breakfast was served for the commandos at the resort, and by noon, everyone checked out from the resort, bidding goodbye to Goa.

Bidding Adieu

The Days When Fun and Work Merged

Magic in Goa’ was attended by more than 100 people. And this three-day event, without a doubt, merged fun and work. Several valuable lessons were learned, and tons of unforgettable memories were created. Those fantastic memories and valuable lessons boosted the spirit of the commandos to focus more on the tasks at hand and achieve more remarkable business milestones in the upcoming days

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