Learning and Development (L&D) is a pre-defined training framework, which helps our team to develop itself professionally & personally.

Aapna’s L&D department lays out its objectives as below:

Evaluate Team Needs
Develop and implement learning strategies and programs to meet business needs.
Alignment of training with Rewards, Appraisals and Promotions
Optimize training processes to improve ROI

Potential Tangible Benefits

Performance Improvements Through L & D


Maximize Output & Services to Clients

Maximize Output &
services to our clients

Upgrade skills and expertise through L & D

Upgrade skills
and expertise

Job satisfaction


L & D Significance for AAPNA

  • Performance evaluation for entire workforce
  • More confident deliveries to our customer
  • 360 Learning: technical, domain and everything else
L & D Significance for AAPNA
L & D Significance for Client

What it means for Clients

  • Certified and skilled Professionals (Technical, Domain and Process) providing services
  • Easy to deploy prepared resources on different complex applications.

Career Development for AAPNAites

  • An avenue that supports AAPNAites in constantly upskilling themselves.
  • Team Members can showcase their performance through the L&D program, be fairly evaluated for it, and attain promotions.
  • Your inputs are given key consideration in determining your tailored L&D program, because you know best what you need to do.

3D L&D Framework

Level 1
LTO – 6 Months

Level 1 is “License To Operate” in aapna, hence is Mandatory for all workforce of any level

Level 2
SME – 12 Months

Level 2 is “Subject Matter Expert” and is Mandatory for Project Leads and Managers

Level 3
Specialist – 12 Months

Level 3 is “Specialist” and is Mandatory for Sr. Managers and Strategic Leaders

250+ happy clients. 100s of positive feedbacks.

  • C J HeamChander,

    I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for your good work and dedication to our project. I am genuinely impressed by the positive impact you have made in the automation process. Thank you for the good work and expecting the same in the future.

  • Amit and Shyam,

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your efforts on producing the new tax sheet. You two were so patient with everyone as we went through the UAT and the various change requests that followed. You turned around the changes very rapidly. Your ability to quickly mock up various report layout options for the business to review was instrumental in delivering the best solution to the business. Then after deployment you two were right on top if it with making the required changes in identifying and resolving the root cause of the data delay.

    It is my pleasure to work with both of you. Your knowledge and expertise are quite evident and set you apart. Your patience and perseverance are also key attributes that make you very valuable to the success of our standing with the business.

    Gina, Mortgage Banking Industry
  • Kapil and Rahul,

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you both for your contributions to my user stories, especially over the past several releases. I appreciate the value that you bring to our deliverables and am proud to work alongside you.

    Kapil, I am so grateful for your expertise regarding Vendor Management and Vendor Auto Assignment. You are very knowledgeable in these areas and you not only ensure that we deliver a quality product, but you are also very helpful in explaining the current functionality to enable both IT and the business to make the best decisions.

    Rahul, I cannot thank you enough for your contributions to the mortgage project. You have gone above and beyond and always delivered excellent work, even when timelines were tight and the work was tedious. You pulled up your sleeves and completed all requested assignments with a smile and a positive attitude.

    I really enjoy working with both of you and I want you to know how much I appreciate the value that you bring to the business through your contributions to the IT deliverables.

    Gina, Mortgage Banking Industry
  • Rashi G., Kartikay, Robin, Sonia, Mayuri & Shivanu,

    I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding work and dedication you have demonstrated. It is truly inspiring to witness the progress you have made as a team, not only in completing the assigned tasks for this sprint but also in carrying forward unfinished tasks.

  • Hari Karthikkeyyan R,

    He has been an outstanding contributor since he has started ! He has learned and picked up what we have without hesitation ! His contributions are outstanding and he is just warming up ! It’s a pleasure to have him on the team and he is very responsive and dedicated !

    Max Barrass
  • The delivery of project is going well as expected. You as a team has proved your capability to deliver and fix the issues immediately.

    Indeed well done and great effort made by the team to deliver the project timely and professionally. Looking forward for your continued dedication in the upcoming projects

    Asma & Hamed, Petrochemical Company – Oman

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