Are you tired of spending hours on tedious payroll tasks and manual data entry?

Try Nanoputian’s PayConnect, Our integrated payroll services is the ultimate solution to simplify and automate your payroll process, empowering your business with seamless efficiency and accuracy. PayConnect’s solutions integrate with all major payroll providers. With connectivity to more than 1400 software platforms we have your payroll ecosystem covered. Connect your SaaS or legacy solution with ease. Some of our popular connecters are:

Trusted by Organizations Globally for Major Payroll Integrations

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Experience the bliss of
End-to-end Payroll + HR + Finance

Experience the astonishing speed of our team as we deliver the outcomes you need faster than you ever thought possible. With a profound understanding of the complexities in configuring Payroll, HR, and Finance systems, we ensure flawless data placement every time. Prepare to be amazed by the seamless experience we provide for you.

How PayConnect’s Payroll Integrations Can Help Your Team Work Better

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Reduced Human Errors

Automation minimizes the risk of costly human errors.

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Time Saving

Payroll integrations automate processes, saving time on manual data entry and processing.

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Employee Experience

Employee Experience: Accurate and timely payroll enhances employee satisfaction.

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Integrations can adapt to your organization’s growth and changing payroll needs.

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Streamlined Workflows

Integrations enable seamless data exchange between systems, streamlining payroll processes

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Automated calculations ensure compliance with tax and regulatory requirements.

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Real-time Insights

Access to real-time payroll data enables better decision-making and financial planning.

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Enhanced Reporting

Integrations provide comprehensive financial reporting for easier auditing.

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Data Accuracy

Integrations ensure consistent and up-to-date employee data, minimizing errors.

End-to-End Payroll Integration Services

Embrace our End-to-End payroll Integration services & solutions for a seamless and efficient payroll management experience. From data integration to streamlined processing, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Let us take care of your payroll needs so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business. Our job doesn’t finish until your automations are running successfully with no hiccups, and even then, we continue to provide you with ongoing support and monitoring.

Powered by NanoConnect

Lightning fast and incredibly flexible payroll integrations, powered by our leading systems
integration platform

Pre-built connectors to thousands of platforms that work for you out-of-the-box.

AFFORDABLE – Our fee-per-platform pricing model gives you cost certainty.

An integration platform that gives you power, scalability and flexibility.

Why Choose Nanoputian for Payroll Integrations Solution

Peak 6 Million transactions per week

Our payroll integrations solution truly scales with your business. With practically unlimited scale as your business grows, so too do the event-driven integrations we build. Powered by nanoConnect you can rest easy in knowing the same solution built today will serve you for years to come.

99% Reduced Data Processing Time

Obtaining and processing Payroll and HR data for your next pay-run need not be an exercise in paper and spreadsheet calculations, extracting and loading data manually. The PayConnect team build integrations that ensure your critical HR data flows through to your Payroll system automatically and once paid, information from Payroll such as leave balances are returned to the HR system if required.

6 Continents Experience

Our team has collectively worked in payroll projects across 6 continents, (everywhere except Antarctica). With that global experience we help organisations of any scale and across one or more geographies solve their global payroll challenge at a local level.

1,400+ Platform Connectors

Powered by an integration platform with an ever-growing list of connectors, our team is confident in its ability to solve payroll integration challenges to any system. Listed above are just a few of the systems nanoConnect can talk to.

90% Minimum Cost Savings

Eliminating the manual effort of processing HR data into Payroll and vice versa leads to significant cost savings and security benefits for a business. With compliant integrations built for you that automate these processes your initial investment is quickly returned through greater efficiencies.

Zero Downtime

Built on entirely serverless and cloud native technologies, nanoConnect has practically Zero down time. It requires no manual patching, maintenance, or upgrades. Say goodbye to “down time” for maintenance. What’s more, updates to integration code are immediate in effect.

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