AAPNA for Energy Conservation

CSR commitment to environment protection

Serving several social organizations

Developed large informational portals

Solutions to identify and correct energy wastages

Mobile game to spread awareness on energy saving

Experience with energy data APIs

A sample of our work is briefly described below. As we work in a commando unit mode, each project is a case study, and is the source of multiple stories, some only for the campfire…

Shakti Foundation

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  • Multiple Large Information Portals on renewable energy (Shakti, AEEE, Conclaves etc.)
  • Comprehensive Content Management (CMS)
  • Management of 1000s of content pages
  • Features include news, events, reports, publications and case studies

EE Game

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  • Mobile game to promote energy conservation
  • Objective is to spread awareness in a fun way
  • User replaces gadgets to receive energy score
  • Leader-board to show top scorers