Pandemic made all of us work from our cozy home. AAPNA quickly realized the need of that moment and now since 2020 we are a permanent work from home organization. This has not only enabled our Commandos to work from their native place and deliver high quality of work. But, it has also given AAPNA a chance to spread its wings all over India hiring the experts in IT field.

Benefits of WFH

At AAPNA Permanent Work from Home offers amazing benefits, as below.

No Travel

No Travel Time

Travelling to office not only involves the time which we spend during the transportation from both sides, but it also involves the time we spend in getting ready, packing lunch and then settling down in the office. At an average we spend anywhere between 2 to 3 hours every day and close to 500 hrs of travel time in a year.

No Travel

No Office Expense

Expense incurred on travel along with the lunch and clothes for office is now almost negligible than before.

Excellent Balance of Life

Excellent Balance of Life

Yes, now you can spend the extra time with your family. You are also able to toggle between family and work effortlessly, and breakup your workday into multiple parts. Think of simple things like lunch with family, which will be a permanent part of your life going forward.

Work from Hometown

Work from Hometown

Being a permanent work from home organization, AAPNAites has the flexibility to live with their family and, working at the cutting edge of technology, for clients across the globe.

While making it all possible, AAPNA HR and the Management is working tirelessly to figure out new ways or policies to ensure the permanent WFH experience of the Commandos is an AWESOME one. Our management takes pride in setting itself apart, keeping the well-being of the Commandos above everything else, making AAPNA a “Great Place To Work”.

No Travel

Permanent Work from Home

Right from on-boarding to team interactions, to project work, IT support, fun team activities, learning and development, and team events – EVERYTHING IS VIRTUAL.

No Travel


Apart from your laptop, and WiFi reimbursement, we are also providing furniture allowance/fashionable workpods delivered to your homes, welcome kits, etc, to give the feel of OFFICE AWAY FROM OFFICE.



Our HR is constantly organizing fun activities, games, Fundoo Friday, coffee meetings, and many other activities, to make sure it’s NOT ALL ABOUT WORK.

All Virtual

It’s Not
All Virtual

Our Head Office located in Gurgaon, will be open for all to come and join, when they want to. We also plan to open pilot office in all major metros, & towns, & also organize meetups in smaller towns, wherever there are more than 5 people.

Better Rewards

Better Rewards
& Recognitions

AAPNA recognises hard work of Commandos in the form of Instant Shabashees , Warrior of the Month, Aaj ka Baazigar, Spot Team Award, Rising Star, First Time Right, Bomb of a Performance, Mr./Ms. Consistent, Bonus Through Time off, Burning the Midnight Lamp, Paid holiday for Best Performers.



An annual festival where all AAPNAites from varius parts of India converge at an exotic location to be HERE and NOW with the entire AAPNA family and get to BOND with each other, through games, presentations, team activities, and lots and lots of fun.

All Virtual

Retreats &
Team Meetings

Covers monthly team meeting & retreats planned by Leaders

Better Rewards


This is an umbrella of all TEAM ENGAGEMENT activities, across teams and locations conducted virtually. This also includes inviting external experts. The activities are focused on – Health, CSR, Engagement & Fun



To appreciate participation, efforts or securing a positions, hampers, coupons and various tokens are sent to commandos, on regular basis.

Special Benefits

Paternity Leave
New Father Fund
Mental Health App Subscription
Bonus Through Time Off
Loan (Reserve Bank of AAPNA)
Paid Holiday for 5 Best Performing AAPNAites
Leader Team Connect
Ongoing Allowance Furniture, Training, Books

Initiatives for Wellness of AAPNAites

Well-being is a positive outcome. It can be described as judging life positively and feeling good, healthy, and full of energy. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is the spirited process of change and growth that lasts for a lifetime. Wellness addresses the broader spectrum of your body encompassing the overall balance of your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It speaks to the way you live your everyday life. It is not an end to be achieved, rather it is a lifestyle that you adopt.

We at AAPNA are in total sync with the Wellness of AAPNAites. We have some initiatives in place to cater the same.

AAPNAites WFH Experience

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