The advancement in technology and evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have given rise to development of ChatBots. Nowadays, consumers are getting impatient on enquiry turnaround time.

Our offering addresses their needs through a ChatBot, a wise ChatBot that would connect with customers on a platform. Therefore, it is exactly the solution and tech-savvy that sits behind the scenes all the time and never calls sick. ChatBot applications streamline interactions between people and services, enhances customer experience. At the same time, they offer new opportunities to improve and interpret inquiries, answer customer questions, and learn from new interactions and customers engagement process.

Chatbot Use Cases

Chatbots can be deployed across Business domains, since they can take charge of multiple services such as complaints customer care, reservation, shopping, merchant services, etc.

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Diverse Language across globe

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Difficult to handle complex queries

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Potential to be hacked / Manin the middle attack, If not properly secured

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chatbot case studies

Key Features

24*7 Agent Availability

Handling our new customers will Increase our Sales. Also, answering our old customer’s query to suggest and buy a new policy.

Better Engagement

Solidify long-term relationships between provider and policyholder.

Reduced Workload

Faster delivery of automated personalized quotes budget & Price bracket.

Cross Platform and Easy integrations

Easy to deploy on multiple websites, Web apps and Mobile apps. Along with integrations to Skype, Facebook Messengers, Telegram, etc.

User Friendly

Humans are more likely to have a conversation instead of reading through a whole bunch of information.

Self-learning capabilities

Gets better in understanding Human Natural language intents with an increase in interactions.

Technology Used


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compliances at various levels, including W3C compliance, cross browser
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