With only 24% of total solid waste processed annually, India is notorious for poor waste management. This is exacerbated by the fact that India is projected to spend USD $11 Billion in solid waste management over the next 20 years. Our technological solution, currently being implemented in major Indian touristic hill stations, fulfills a dire need for an efficient solid waste management system.

Key Challenges

The current status of Solid Waste Management in India is poor because the best and most appropriate methods from waste collection to disposal are not being used. Not only is there a lack of strategic MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) plans, there is scarce technology available to effectively carry out SWM.

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Another barrier is the informal recycling industry, which accounts for 20% of waste collected in India. The informal and harmful recycling industry serves as motivation for government waste collectors to not transfer all waste collected to collection centers, leading to fewer waste going to landfills.

The key to efficient waste management is to ensure proper segregation of waste at source and ensure that the waste (all of it) goes through different streams of recycling and resource recovery.

Our Solution

We served as the technology partner for Recity, an organization that specializes in providing governments effective waste management. Our Mobile Application and Dashboard encapsulates the complete recycling process of dry waste that undergoes in an entire city. Our robust application is built for all stakeholders involved in the waste management process – Waste Collectors, Ward Manager, Drivers/Helpers, Transfer Station Supervisor, Material Recovery Manager, and City Admin. All these users play a distinct role and have various features/functionalities that coalesce into an efficient waste management process based around accountability. Finally, a database was built to organize and store all data sent by users.

If combined with effective training and adequate awareness, this solution has the potential to be a paragon for solid waste management for all developing countries.

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