Key Achievements

  • Data extraction and reporting of project data for more than 70 regions
  • Transformation of manual report generation process to FULLY automation
  • Time taken reduced to ZERO (from several weeks), supported with highly reliable data
  • Extensive cross metric – State/ Sector wise – projects spanning across countries / years
  • Extremely easy to use and customize
  • Amazing graphical representation of data including complex cross function data
  • Client has now approved a similar solution for the entire West Africa region

The Client

The client is one of the largest lending institutions in the World, funding large development initiatives by governments of under-developed and developing nations. Whereas, we work with various divisions of the institution, this story is about Nigeria. Nigeria is their largest portfolio in Africa, with a value running in billions across different projects.

Client Challenges

The head of the organization presents comprehensive data to all heads of state in a monthly meeting, presenting financial metric across multiple projects.

Client’s team has to prepare monthly reports to monitor the portfolio performance. These reports are prepared manually through a process that takes several weeks. As a result of extensive manual process the result has inaccuracies, which have been almost impossible to resolve, especially as the reports have an immediate expiry. The reports are required to present data from various enterprise applications available across the organization.

AAPNA Solution

AAPNA’s technical experts accepted the challenge to transform the manual process. After careful study of the task at hand, a THREE member task force was deployed on the project, possessing the necessary skills of analyzing large complex data. The team worked closely with client’s team to analyze the raw data coming from different sources and proposed a solution to generate the automatic reports.

The result was, customized report generation in different formats based on the client’s requirement. The TWO week process is now available at the click of the button, and almost unbelievable to the client. The client is able to generate a vast array of reports, based on multitude of parameters. Client is extremely satisfied by the solution provided, as the head of the organization is now able to present accurate comprehensive reports to the heads of state during their monthly reviews.