In this newsletter, we bring to you some of the showcase projects that AAPNA commandos have worked over the past couple of years and received all round accolades and appreciations.


AAPNA got a major breakthrough in the Middle East market. We bagged the project of Oman based multinational Oil and Gas company for effective implementation of QHSSE standards and revamping the Mfano application. AAPNA 14 member team led by Hardik Shah has successfully delivered the project and won many accolades for their hard work.


AAPNA received the project from the world’s largest Home Security Company in USA. The project is led by Vineet Tyagi. AAPNA team is developing an end-to-end smart apartment solutions for the client. The solution features the mobile application both on Android and iOS.


Golf Tee Time Aggregator offers the world’s largest tee-time booking site. AAPNA developed an application to integrate multiple Teesheets and payment processes alongside supporting legacy token system.

The team led by Vineet Tyagi and Sandeep Goel amazed the client with the on-time deliveries and their dedication shown at the time of critical situations. The  level of effort and commitment the team has shown was noticed by the client at many instances as they received the appreciations for their work.


AAPNA built a desktop-based application that leverages TypeDB and API’s as a source of data for visualization for Innovolve, an Australian based company. The team led by Sanjay Kumar has built a desktop GUI cross-platform app to fetch data from the database and represent it in a graphical way, making it easily accessible to users.The team received several testimonials from the client for their excellent work.


The United Nations (UN) in Fiji is a branch of the United Nations that operates in the island nation of Fiji in the South Pacific. AAPNA has been working for the UN for many years now. The UN Fiji project was led by Deepak Saluja. They have  successfully completed the website development with several features such as Blogs, Social media feeds & Publications repositories that provide users with an interactive experience.


Hubspot Service Provider is an inbound marketing agency providing ROI-driven account-based marketing (ABM) solutions. AAPNA team led by Sachin Tangoria has worked on more than 4 projects for the client. These include a web based migration tool and integrations projects for WhatsApp, SAP and Zoho. The team received appreciations on their hard work and diligent work.

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