At A Glance – October 2020

Recap of AAPNA Achievements

At a Glance

At a Glance - October 2020

Recap Of Aapna Achievements


While children are adjusting and enjoying themselves with their online classes, most of the companies are either working on cutting down their expenditure while others have had no option but to shut down completely.

With the outbreak of Coronavirus, 2020 is marked in the world history as a LIFE CHANGING year. People of every age group and from every field are now used to the “new normal”.

AAPNA, on the other hand, is working towards the company and its employee’s growth. With the “new normal” firmly in place, AAPNAITES smoothly adopted the work from home culture. Full credit to our IT team for their endless support to every problem.

Building a strong, experienced team – Rising from a team of 100+ to 120+, AAPNA is working towards building a strong Commando Unit.
Meet our Newest Guerillas who aim to take AAPNA to the next level:

  • Dheeraj Mehra – Vice President, Business Development
  • Dr. Bandana Biswas – Sales and Operations – Country Director, Australia
  • Vineet Tyagi – Vice President – Quality Assurance
  • Yogesh Jain – Associate Vice President, QA
  • Rajesh Ranjan – Associate Vice President, Technology

Our HR team is on high gear continuously looking out to hire committed and experienced candidates who are keen to grow with the company. The introduction of “FUNDOO FRIDAY” is a remarkable step taken by our HR team. The idea is to bring every employee in one forum to meet, interact and enjoy.

Commando Unit

AAPNA to become CMMi 3 company – AAPNA is currently working towards CMMi 3 certification with KPMG as auditors. Our Team Leaders are actively involved in setting up processes and systems to achieve this aim soon.

Learning and Development: 3-Dimensional Program – AAPNA is an employee-centric company believes in engaging all its employees to work towards continuous learning in various technical and non-technical fields. To achieve this, the management has started Learning and Development program for all its employees. Learning and Development is a 3-dimensional program, providing growth in 3 areas, Technical, Domain and Soft skill, and providing growth at 3 levels of competence.

3d L&D
AAPNA Innovation Lab

AAPNA Innovation Lab – Another major initiative taken by AAPNA is the start of its own Innovation Lab to research and innovate on emerging technologies such as Hyper Automation (RPA, Decisions, Celonis). Innovation Lab is also working in the area of Accessibility testing, and Security testing. It is led by Vineet Tyagi

AAPNA New Technology Group (NTG) – The aim is to build teams on cutting-edge software platforms. NTG is led by Rajesh Ranjan, who has built a strong team to work on various technologies.

AAPNA has developed a strong partnership with DECISIONS (a Workflow and Rules Engine Software), and got several certified engineers working across multiple projects.

Awards and Recognition – The team has been working very hard to achieve the goals the company has planned for. One of which was to become a Microsoft Gold Partner. Kudos to the IT team for completing multiple Microsoft certification examinations, which made us eligible for achieving the Gold partnership status.

Yet another recognition AAPNA achieved was when Australian based Superbcompanies rated it as a top software development company in Brisbane.

Awards and Recognition

Business as usual – All our Commandos continued to perform seamlessly, in spite of the trying conditions, and the major shift of work environment. We continued to deliver projects of high quality and timely delivery. We continued receiving strong recognition from clients. AAPNA Australia – AAPNA opened business in Australia, and through the strong efforts of the team under leadership of Dheeraj Mehra and Dr. Bandana Biswas, we have already stared generating strong interest in the local market.

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