Businesses Can Benefit From IoT Solutions

IoT can be defined as a knitted structure of computing devices, mechanical and digital machines and objects with unique identifiers (UIDs) that have the capability of data transfer without a human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction. Over time, IoT solutions has been changing the way people work and execute day-to-day tasks. IoT has backed a number of devices like thermostats, cars, smartphones, and wearables. According to Gartner’s study, it is expected that the number of connected devices will touch the milestone of 26 billion by 2020. For businesses, IoT can play a major role in collecting valuable data, leveraging it for decision making and introducing innovation to stay ahead of the competition. So, in order to explain it better, here are some prominent ways in which IoT solutions can help businesses in taking a cutting step.

1. Reduced Operating Cost

IoT solutions can play a major role in the manufacturing industry by installing connected devices to monitor equipment, analyzing any malfunction and predicting the downtime in the production line if any. It can also help in optimizing electricity consumption by regulating devices and shutting the systems when the required task is over.

2. Understanding Consumer Behavior

For any business, understanding customer’s requirements and behavior is a crucial task. And the importance is high in the retail sector. With IoT solutions, businesses can collect data through mobile devices, social media, internet usage and video surveillance which then can be used to take significant decisions. This data can be used to identify the trends persisting in the market and offering exactly what is in-demand. To improve customer engagement, this data can be also used to offer personalized value-added services. With in-depth data of customer profiles, organizations can also utilize it to frame strategies of retaining their most valuable customers and create brand loyalty programs.

3. Improving Efficiency

For any business, improved productivity is directly related to profitability. With IoT, manufacturing industry can keep a track of demand and supply on a real-time basis by installing monitoring devices at different levels of production. IoT can be also utilized in collecting data of the employees and identifying the most productive hours to schedule important tasks and meeting. IoT devices can be also used in facility management by identifying any technical disruption in the system and informing it to the employees. Further, it can be also used in troubleshooting tasks like automating routine functions and setting coffee makers and thermostats on a timer.

4. Improving Customer Experience
An impeccable customer service is what makes a business stand out of the competition and directly impacts the revenue. By introducing mobile car readers for hassle-free and secured transactions, smart trackers for keeping a track of shipped products can help in improving the level of customer satisfaction and experience. Retailers can also use it for hyper-local advertising and couponing for improved experience and achieving sales targets. Utility providers can use IoT to identify and solve problems proactively with the use of smart grid technologies and smart meters.

Improving Customer Experience through IoT Solutions


5. Improving Workplace Safety
Industry segments like mining and construction where high-risk is involved, embedded sensors and wearable can be brought into action for monitoring and alarming for falls and exhaustion. Small organizations can use IoT for connected video surveillance to monitor the workplace in a smart manner and identify any misconduct by the employees. IoT is penetrating a number of sectors for good and it can be used for improving the overall operations of an organization without putting much burden on the accounts.

Components of IoT Solution

If you are thinking to either build or buy an IoT solution, it is important that you are aware of the components that will be required in the process. Below are the definitions of some of the important terms involved in the process.

  • Cloud Platform: This is basically a set general purpose PaaS services for developing services like storage, messaging, security and compute data. Some platforms like Microsoft Azure also offers analytical and IoT services.
  • IoT Platform: To facilitate the development of IoT solutions, a set of IoT-specific Saas and PaaS services and tools are used. It is built on top of the general-purpose cloud platform for improving performance, reliability, scalability, and security.
  • IoT Solution: It is an end-to-end software system specifically designed to cater to a set of requirements. This system comprising of connected devices help in data storage, analysis, and transformation in an effective manner.
  • IoT Applications: These are the face in front of the customers. User data is retrieved from these applications which is used to extract insights, make decisions and frame further strategies for the business. IoT applications can be customized in a number of ways that best suit the industry requirements.So, if you are thinking of adopting IoT solutions for your business then AAPNA Infotech is the right partner that offers state-of-the-art architecture, in-built capability and committed to automating more than 90 percent of validation processes.

How can AAPNA Infotech help?

  • Improve an existing solution: If you have an existing solution and looking to improvise, we are your one-stop iot solution provider. From adding mode connected devices and wearables to collaborating with solutions through cloud-to-cloud communication, our expert team is proficient in the mentioned tasks.
  • Design an IoT solution: We not only provide you an appropriate solution but also help you in analyzing the feasibility of the proposed model by quick prototyping and validating the idea. The next step involves producing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Our years of experience gives us forefront over the other providers.
  • Crafting a complete IoT Solution: An IoT solution is a combination of a number of elements like hardware modules, mobile app, RD connectivity, and end-devices. We ensure all these elements are integrated properly to offer a flawless experience to the end-user and make the solution work in an optimized manner at all the levels by necessary development, system integration, and validation.

Thinking of an IoT Partner?

If you are facing challenges in working with your existing technology partner or looking for one, AAPNA Infotech has a well-planned approach for different requirements. With a set of milestones for different Enterprise, Mobility and IoT solutions, we ensure to offer exceptional service that not only creates a positive impact on the business but also a benchmark for others in the industry.

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