Screen Coach


The battle between parents and children is rising because of technology. Parents are afraid because their kids are not getting enough attention in the future. They are struggling to keep an equal balance. It is really a concern – what should parents do with these new screens?

Application allows your children to earn rewards for making healthy choices such as not using their screens more than an agreed-upon limit. The App and hardware work on a wide range of devices from phones, laptops, PlayStation, Tab, etc. Parents can help children to find balance by deciding what the rewards will be for their good behaviors.

Key Challenges

There was a lot of quality issues in the client’s organization due to the various teams working across the different geographies. The roll out of the product was delayed multiple times due to quality issues.

Key Features

Tracks screen time across multiple devices.

Track and reward positive work

Set up a separate profile for tracking screen time.

Features to deter tampering.

Goal creation and conversion to reward of Tokens

Technologies Used

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