Client Overview

Our client is a leading company in the vehicle business, specializing in the buying and selling of pre-owned vehicles at the best rates. Client needs to get vehicle data from various auction sites,
appraise the vehicles, and purchase after a rigorous inspection process.

Key Challenges

Manual Appraisal Process

Appraising thousands of vehicles manually posed significant challenges in terms of time and accuracy.

Data Management

Storing and organizing vehicle details, including appraisal results and purchase records, manually was cumbersome and prone to errors

Data Acquisition

Scraping car history reports from numerous sources for over a thousand vehicles proved to be a daunting task.

Database Management

Storing the vast amount of vehicle data in a structured manner within the database required extensive manual effort and was inefficient.

Services Provided

Our service to address the challenges

Bot Management

Our responsibilities are-

  • To maintain and monitor the existing bots utilized for scraping vehicle data and processing accident reports.
  • To understand the requirements and automate the process.

AWS Infrastructure Optimization

By assessing workload demands and adjusting AWS instances as needed, we ensured efficient resource utilization.

Process Oversight

Our team managed the ongoing tasks, including launching instances, updating configurations, and monitoring processes to ensure smooth operation.


Our focused approach resulted in several benefits for our client

Time Savings

By automated tasks, our client saved more than 30k hours/month of time. (Note: Considering 5 min for each appraisal of a car and total number of cars are in max of 20k)

Efficiency Improvements

The streamlined processes led to improved efficiency in managing and updating vehicle data, resulting in smoother operations and reduced downtime.

Cost Reduction

Through optimized AWS infrastructure management and ElectroNeek License management, we helped our client minimize costs associated with resource usage, resulting in a 90% reduction in operational expenses.

Reliable Operations

Our proactive monitoring and maintenance ensured the continued smooth operation of essential data processing bots.

Technology Used


By leveraging automated solutions and optimizing AWS infrastructure, our client successfully addressed the challenges associated with vehicle data management. The seamless integration of automated maintenance processes into their workflow not only saved time and resources but also improved operational reliability and efficiency, ultimately contributing to their continued success in the competitive vehicle market.

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