Client was looking to get MVP developed on time and within budget. They wanted a reliable partner to drive the results for them to develop a matured product and help them in raising funds for the future of their product.


The web application required intricate complex technical architecture to drive the performance by using Microservices with modern technologies and AI chatbots and using Google Cloud technologies.

Solution & Result

AAPNA Infotech provided a dedicated team with floating experts as per requirement. They developed the MVP solution on time and as a result, client was able to get Series-A funding.


A Digital Insurance Provider was looking for a software vendor to launch their MVP. With the funding dependent on MVP, they were looking for a reliable, experienced, flexible vendor that can deliver the project on budget and challenging cutting-edge technologies. They selected AAPNA Infotech as their technology partner.

“We enjoyed working with AAPNA Infotech, the code produced by team was readable and easy to understand and follows standard. The team delivered high performance by meeting timelines, proper documentation, code delivery and meeting our goals on time ”


Digital Insurance Provider


In today’s highly digitized and interconnected world, startups who have a, solution for a problem, with proper research, are looking for reliable vendors to be their outsourced vendors. The Digital Insurance Provider wanted a vendor that can deliver an MVP and making the product idea demonstrable to investors for raising funds.

The Digital Insurance Provider is a portal, which helps insurance seekers purchase insurance. It guides them to select the right insurance policy with AI generated quotes by matching their requirements and information provided.

To select a reliable vendor, the Digital Insurance firm found AAPNA Infotech on Google and selected AAPNA as the preferred vendor. The client viewed the website and by looking at the experience in IT industry, team size, technical expertise, flexibility, and team strength of 180+ with varying models of engagement including Build, Operate & Transfer.

When the Digital Insurance firm came to AAPNA Infotech, they only had an idea with research supporting the idea and then AAPNA Infotech brought the idea to reality with a set of dedicated and flexible technical geeks.


Blended Team of 6+ members with dedicated and partial Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for client
Design solution for enhanced customer experience and 3rd party APIs
State-of-art technical architecture
Development through agile methodologies

Our tailored approach for the client included a comprehensive set of checklists, tasks, and procedures that were tailored to Insurance Portal. It consisted of regular interactions with the client and close co-ordination within the team:

Daily Client Update (Calls & Emails)

  • Daily Scrum Meetings which focus on answering:
    • What did you do yesterday?
    • What will you do today?
    • Are there any impediments in your way?
  • Weekly Governance Call
  • To finalize Sprint Items and discussion on product backlog
  • Sprint Review
  • Weekly Demo to client

The transparency and daily review of progress mitigated the risk and ensured that close management of the project occurs at every stage. We included Teamwork, Github and Jira along with the other tools to plan, track and manage deliveries.

On time delivery for client within the budget
5+ Microservices created with high performance for better user experience
Optimised web application for Desktop, Mobile and Tablets
ArtificiaI Intelligence powered Chatbot to engage and guide customers
Software documentation for client to make the transfer smooth and optimal
Stack with 10+ technologies – serverless, Google Cloud, CI/CD and others

AAPNA Infotech understood the design requirements and through multiple iterations and a complex 3rd party API integration delivered on the clean UI with high performance parameters on page-load and Google page optimisation.

Conducted proper market researches to understand and implement the best of UI/UX to fulfill the user’s goals.

AAPNA Infotech developed the portal in the latest technologies to the likes of GraphQL/Apollo, Material design, NodeJS/Express, Microservice architecture supported by Kubernetes (GKE), Serverless functions(Google Cloud Functions), Google Pubsub, Google Place Autocomplete, MongoDB (Google Atlas).

The entire technology stack leverages a matured CI/CD and branching process combining a rich deliverytoolchain (Jira, GitHub, CircleCI, GCE, Helm charts,Terraform, monitoring & alerting tools, etc.).

Other Accomplishments – Unit tested code with 70 benchmark of code coverage, proper usage of Microservices Architecture Google pub/sub for inter-service communication, usage of google cloud functions, security using Hashicorp vault and CI/CD using modern DevOps tools. Dynamic generation of code documentation done using apollo-graphql and jsdoc libraries. Used lightweight docker containers to improve the productivity and speed of delivery and deployed the containers to the GKE, NGINX to serve our content in load balancing. Automated the helm charts using the ansible playbooks and used terraform (IAAS) to provision and create there sources on the GCP.

Autoscaling -The Horizontal Pod Autoscaler automatically scales the number of Pods in a replication controller, deployment, replica set, or stateful set based on observed CPU utilization (or, with custom metrics support, on some other application-provided metrics).

With cloud systems, data analytics capabilities and more, insurers can meet the demands of today’s consumers with important features such as:

Mobile-Friendly Web Application
AI-generated Quotes
Risk analysis: Risk analysis has two parts, one where the user knows what exactly he must do and second where he is not sure about the process or requirement
MVP was developed as per the timelines required by the client.
With MVP on time, the Digital Insurance Provider got Series – A funding

At AAPNA, we utilize top-notch and superbly planned methods to provide globally accepted highest standards of mobile app development services. Rational Discovery, Designing and Deployment practices are at the heart of our methods. Checkout our mobile app development services.

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