We recently automated the entire on-boarding process of new employees for a mid-sized IT company. The automation resulted in considerable savings in both time and effort and was a huge win-win for all stakeholders.

Process Automation

Key Challenges

The existing on-boarding process was highly manual, involving multiple departments such as recruitment, human resources (HR), IT and project management office (PMO) and had become increasing difficult to manage. Some of the key challenges were as follows

Business People

Highly manual and labour-intensive process

Prone to errors and omissions

Complex due to involvement of multiple systems and departments

Business People

Non-scalable as per company’s growth

Solution Provided

Our RPA team automated all the manual steps of the entire on-boarding process cycle. These spanned across 3 timeframes – before joining, on date of joining and post joining. Key processes that were automated included

Background verification Process

Collection of documents

Setup of one-to-one meetings with reporting managers

Setup of orientation sessions with different departments – HR, IT and PMO

Setup of one-to-one meetings with reporting managers


out comes

Automated 20 manual processes

Saved time and money – up to 75 savings

Reduced errors and omissions – to almost ZERO

Improved overall satisfaction levels for all stakeholders

Technologies Used


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