A desktop-based application that leverages TypeDB and API’s as a source of data for visualization. A tool to fetch the data from the TypeDB database and generate the Knowledge graph. So, users can better understand the data statics.

Key Challenges

A unique problem had been presented by the customer where the technology stack was unknown. Additionally, the client did not know what evaluation criteria to use to select the technology stack.

Solution Provided

In order to establish the success criteria for the technology stack, AAPNA commandos carried out all the necessary research and performed some POC work. As a result of the POC work, the technology stack was determined and finalized. The commandos demonstrated their courageous value by exploring various frameworks, which was well received by the client.

Key Features

Integrate TypeDB, query mechanics, and Graph Visualisation.

Data imported from multiple sources and harmonized.

Setup rules and reasoning to identify patterns of interest.

Advanced force graph visualization.

Technologies Used

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