This application integrates multiple Teesheets and payment processes alongside supporting legacy token system.

Key Challenges

A US based Teetime Aggregator was facing following challenges :

    • Limited integration with Teesheet providers and Payment Processors and no support for Legacy Tokens which was hindering their acquisition and growth


    • No integration between their platforms (Marketplace and Membership) causing concerns from end-users to maintain multiple profiles


    • UX/CX experience was not engaging for end users


Solution Provided

Strengthened QA capability to ensure more stable builds

Development of new features and modules on both Microsoft and Mobile platform

Implemented QA Automation of specific scenarios to reduce manual efforts

Delivered and implemented new UX/CX for end-customers

Added single sign-on capability and seamless integration between all platforms giving end-customers easy access and more visibility to the offerings

Integrated Multiple New Teesheets and Payment Processors along with support for Legacy Tokens


Extended on-boarding of Multiple courses which are on new Teesheets/ Payment Processors which opened up new business avenues and increased profits

Seamless linking for end customers between all Platforms and enabling visibility of offerings – increased revenues

UX/CX experience for end-users has majorly improved and screen time has increased

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