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In the world crisis surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, a shift has been seen in pretty much every sector- be it the food industry, cosmetics, transport, education, or the general service sector. With this shift in dynamic, it is imperative that one of the largest sectors in this generation, the Software Development industry has also needed to sidestep their regular habits to emerge in newer, more innovative ways.

During this Pandemic, while the rage of most firms has been to take to newer ways in order to maintain their companies above surface, AAPNA Infotech is busy in making strategies to increase its team strength by hiring experienced and highly skilled people. With the population entirely confined to their homes, the need of the hour is to build software, programs, applications and portals at par with face to face communication in an office environment. However, shifting our attention to new strategies is no more an excuse for compromise on one of the most important aspects: Quality.

Talking about shift in focus, one can say that the time is especially harsh for small firms and start-ups, as business is almost at an all time low throughout the world. While larger tech firms seem to be faring well on the outside, one can be pretty sure of the fear creeping in through their doors as well, the magnanimous question being, “What Now? What Next?”. Firms are trying their level best to create products adhering to the situation, such as, COVID-19 alerts, COVID-19 news and updates etc. They are also striving to fulfil customer requirements of better communication platforms, web meet platforms, and many more.

If we go back to 2015, the U.S. economy faced a growth spurt, wherein 90% of all companies started practicing agile. This growth spurt has been constant on an upward curve, until this current roadblock of COVID-19. From that point forward, organizations across almost every industry all progressed to a sweet spot where time-to-market pressure was relatively high and cost pressure was moderate. By the end of 2019, quality at speed had graduated from buzzword to business as usual at most organizations.

Now, every business, every non-profit and every governmental agency is impacted in different ways. Speed expectations have shifted into overdrive for an unlikely assortment of organizations, including government agencies and non-profits, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, online retailers, online conferencing providers and telecoms. Even though everyone had already been working to accelerate their software delivery processes, very few of these organizations were previously delivering applications at the extreme speeds required right now. On the other hand, cost reduction has somehow become the top priority. Airlines, hotels, as well as other travel and leisure organizations experienced such dramatic changes in fortune that speed became a non-issue. The focus shifted to increasing cost efficiency in an effort to offset some of these staggering losses. In such a situation, thus, the battle comes to- Speed vs. Cost.

The question that now evidently arises, “What are the solutions?”

A very simple yet effective solution for this battle would be the utilization of test cases in the following manner:

  • Selection of test cases
  • Designing the cases
  • Automation
  • Running these cases, and finally
  • Analysing the results

However, these methods can be applied in 2 ways, either crudely or in a distinguished and fine manner. Here’s where AAPNA Infotech makes its entrance. Here, while maintaining efficiency along with speed in times of crisis, we do not compromise on our brand identity or quality. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are of utmost importance to us.

During this crisis, many other ways of venturing into Software Development had to be taken up and considered. Owing to the complete immobility of all sectors, and the population hooked to the world solely through their screens and websites, there has been a need to expand into newer domains.

  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Cloud Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain, among many others.

These solutions not only help maintain the software industry while their regular operations remain immobile, but also help to ensure development and working with a new skillset, and moving into newer territories. At AAPNA Infotech, we strive to provide newer and better services with each passing day, looking to reach newer heights, building a better and more improved customer base, ultimately providing satisfactory services to all our clients, keeping in mind the economic and agile aspects as well.

At AAPNA Infotech, every employee takes an oath to maintain their quality, while remaining agile and economic to your pockets. Our clients choose us not only for our quick responses at the forefront, but also for the extreme passion with which each employee sticks to his job. Being a software development firm, we make sure that love for our work is a must have; after all, isn’t that what puts that tinge of personal touch which sets us above the rest in this extremely competitive generation. AAPNA uses the top-notch and superbly planned methods to ensure the highest standard of services.

One additional benefit we take upon ourselves to ensure, is Quality Assurance (QA). AAPNA employs and maintains an entire separate division focussed and dedicated firmly for quality testing, responses, and standard maintenance of each and every product. Even in this time of crisis, where speed and time are of the essence, we give complete assurance from a team of QA experts regarding the quality of our services. We provide services like Enterprise Software Development, Quality Assurance and Enhancement, Web and Mobile App development, among many others.

With us, every venture is nothing more than a breeze!

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