Key Achievements

  • HL7 Electronic Order Implementation
  • Barcode and slide printing
  • PDF report generation
  • Service based report printing
  • Updated software from .NET 1.1 to 4.0
  • Moved application to AZURE environment
  • Ongoing support for 5 years

The Client

Skin Path Laboratory is part of Boston University School of Medicine. The lab has been providing superior diagnostic services since 1986. SPL’s board-certified team has over 70 years of combined experience in the histologic diagnosis of skin diseases. The entire team at SPL takes pride in the quality and accuracy of their work in order to promote exceptional patient care.

Client Challenges

The manual processing of skin samples at SPL was time consuming with security concerns about the samples of patients. The process had been automated but there were many challenges with the software. Some of them were HL7 integration as per HIPPA regulation, slide printing, upgrading of software etc.

SPL was unable to get the right support from their existing vendor, as the progress was slow, and often restricted to fixing bugs, leaving key initiatives pending. With the need for new features becoming critical, SPL identified AAPNA as a partner of preference, based on a strong recommendation.

AAPNA Solution

AAPNA technical team analyzed the problem and took the challenge to transform the application. After multiple rounds of discussion with client, AAPNA deployed a Guerilla team of 3 members for the project. Within a short span of time, the team upgraded the software from .NET version 1.1 to 4.0 and also implemented HL7 integration. These upgrades transformed the system to be significantly more efficient, secure and accurate.

Over last few years, AAPNA team implemented several other key features including barcode and slide printing, PDF report generations among many others. All this was done, while continuing to support day to day activities, and ongoing support to the application. Further, the application was document in detail, to ensure economic maintenance.

The result is an extremely satisfied client with an effective, robust and accurate system in place to continue serving patients in an efficient and safe manner. AAPNA team has received words of appreciation from client on countless occasions, and AAPNA is proud to continue serving SPL, as we enter into the 6th year of service.