9th Feb, 2016 – This day came with a different feeling for me. I completed one year at AAPNA. We always keep on wondering how time flies. While working at AAPNA Infotech, a web development company, I didn’t realize when I completed one year here in a new environment.

A year back, I stepped into a completely new different world after taking a break in career. I had some doubts in mind because of my previous professional career with big MNCs globally. How this new life will be? Will I be able to get back to the same corporate life? I cleared my interview, had discussion with Abhijit sir 2-3 times regarding joining and finally I made up my mind to join AAPNA. I was excited to explore new avenues.

Today when I am looking back, I found my decision quite right in many aspects. I have grown personally and professionally in many dimensions. I am always keen to learn new things and to experiment new ideas to improve the processes and my surrounding. As a web development company, AAPNA gives me a platform to learn more and grow more. All the time which I spent with Abhijit sir is full of learning. Needless to say he is a great mentor.

I started with something for which I have no experience at all but slowly I took up the role and started performing well. Today I am proud for some of my achievements at AAPNA personally which I believe have been remarkable for AAPNA Infotech as well. I really like some concepts of Instant Shabashee and Townhall Meet @AAPNA which give opportunities to acknowledge the work of individual & team. Such ideas focuses on continuous improvement of every single individual in the organization.

I personally believe that “where there is learning, there is growth and where there is growth, there is life”. I wish to continue a long term journey with AAPNA to grow more in life.

AAPNA Infotech is a web development company, with a very dedicated team of software developers, web designers and project managers, helping companies leverage the “World Wide Web” through robust well tested web applications.

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