Key Features:
One of our clients, offers the world’s largest inventory of golf tee times, providing golfers the ability to search and book over 16 million tee times at more than 12,000 golf courses in 41 countries. The client owns several TEE time booking sites, which are also available on iOS and Android. There are also several partner sites. Our client believes that the game of golf should be accessible to anyone and everyone who wants to play. AAPNA as a delivery partner is responsible for architecting and designing comprehensive solutions that meet the defined requirements in support of our clients technical initiatives. Also responsible for defining the overall structure and evaluation of the next generation SAAS based client/server platform, the partnership is not just limited to development using .Net and Mobile technologies but we also ensure the overall quality of the application where our QAs play a vital role.

Technologies Used: .net, ios,Android,QA, Selenium, Jira etc

Service Provided: Development and QA

Business domain: Golf Agreegator

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