Offshore Software Development

Offshore Software Development – Everything You Need to Know

Offshore Software Development is considered to be one of the most effective ways to boost the quality standards of a project while ensuring consistency through it all. To get a better understanding of this trend within the development field, we’ve compiled a brief guide about offshore software development.   What is Offshore Software Development? Offshore…

How AAPNA defines IoT?

How AAPNA defines IoT?

What is IoT? IoT (Internet of Things) is nothing new. It has been there for ages, and is not complex, as many would make you believe. As the name suggests, it is enabling “Things” with the power of Internet. Conceptually, this has always been there, however, enabling “Things” with the internet was cumbersome, and needed…

The Golden Hour

Pareto’s law has always fascinated me how a few items always contribute to a large share of the impact. The law is also known as the 80-20 rule. That 20% of the items contribute to 80% of the result of the group. For nearly a decade I’ve been keep measurements of my own activities and for the coaching relationships.