Client Team love the new website. You’ve really done a fantastic job on this project. A special thank you to your development team as well. We had the training session with them on Monday and they really liked how easy it was to update and you’ve done a great job simplifying the admin custom post types so even non web people can maintain the website with ease. The staff did comment that it was nice and easy to manage. So, thank you and well done.

Testimonial from UK based client

The mobile Website was a huge success!!! It works great, I am already getting several responses daily!!! 25% of my emails are coming from the mobile site. the expenditure screen(drive thru and counter) is AWESOME!!

I tested it on the touch screen and it is really cool!! The printing program amazes me.It work so well.

Jeff, Rely Software

I have had the pleasure of working with AAPNA on two big WordPress projects. AAPNA delivered the websites in a timely and co-ordinated manner. AAPNA have previously developed bespoke WP plugins and jQuery modules and have the ability in house to develop advanced WordPress features.

AAPNA have worked on a large boat builders website and a secondary school website. Each project required a high level of bespoke programming following strict visual guidelines. They delivered perfectly.

I would recommended Anuj and  his development team at AAPNA Infotech to businesses with an off-shore WordPress development requirement.

WordPress development company, London

It was a beautiful spring morning last year when we took on a simple development project for an existing .net application that needed just a ‘few, fairly small changes’…  many weeks later, having parted ways with a development team unable to deliver the necessary changes and discovered that a ‘few, fairly small changes’ was actually a complex project that was to last many months it was with bated breath and high hopes that we first spoke to the Aapna team. From the very first we were impressed with their professionalism, and throughout the project the team were incredibly hard working, diligent and generally a pleasure to work with.  Despite some tough deadlines and very flexible requirements the team always kept us up to date about their deliverables, timescales and the plethora of bank holidays you have!


We were delighted with the opportunity to work with Atul, Shyam and the team again on a similar project this year, and remain very happy for the recommendation that put us in touch with Aapna.  Now if only we could have a stable set of requirements from our client to work to…”

Web Design & Web Hosting company, UK

I would rate the team as highly satisfactory; I am always impressed with how diligently they work to meet stringent deadlines, and their unfailing professionalism and friendliness. It is a pleasure to work with you!

Web Design company , UK

During the total project time that we worked with AAPNA, there was always a commitment and responsibility from their part.

AAPNA was very reliable in looking ways to please our requirements even when those requirements were almost out of the scope. The delivery of the final product covered all our expectation completely.

For these and many other reasons we, amply recommend AAPNA Infotech Services for any Web development endeavor.

Property Management Firm, US

Thanks to its flexibility and commitment, the team at AAPNA has proven to be a key partner for our first project, The Luxury Wine Club.

Vincent Fleurant, Mercure-i CTO
The Luxury Wine Club

I am that impressed with your work that I am now talking to the client about entering the website into some award ceremonies. A very well done so far!
More from the same client: Excellent – I do enjoy working with your company, it’s very easy and I think we will have a strong relationship.
I just want to say that it’s been very easy to work with your company so far – Shweta is doing a great job

–Phil Kelsey, Owner

We found a lot of effort has been contributed in translating our thought and ideas. As we find you on the same wavelength, the creation of AVA’s online store has moved so smoothly.

Ananth Dalmia, Owner
AVA Exclusives

Dear Anuj & Abhijit, I come to thank you both and your team for the great work you are doing with my site. My friend Baptiste is right, you guys are brilliant.

I LOVEEEEEE MY SITE!!!!!!! AMAZING WORK!!!!!! So proud of you.

–Sandra Samai, French real estate agent (in New Delhi)


Thank you again Anuj and Abhijit, awesome website which I am promoting to my clients now. Thank you Anuj for the training, it was awesome and I learned quite a bit. I’m definitely happy about the site, you deserve the credit. Well done Anuj, the website looks fantastic! You got the updates done very quickly; I’m very happy with the whole look and feel of the site.

–Lester Salvatierra, First US Finance