AAPNA is a place of trust and also a real great group of people who is combined as a team and also a place to explore lot of your talent and an open environment for discussions as both ends and the gates are always open for help from one and another. Though we all have a lot of differences/ opinions, everyone strives to mingle all the thoughts & make the organization a successful one.

IT Recruiter

Hi Pooja

I sincerely appreciate all your hard work towards the ACH Vendor payment project.

This project got deferred almost three times due to all the complexities around it but finally went to production as a part of last night’s release.

I know there were lots of back and forth that happened between you and the onsite developer assigned to this project in terms of what is the expected behavior for different scenarios , couple of defects and fixes. But you stayed strong till the end and completed testing for this project.

Again, appreciate all your effort and expect the same from you in future projects as well.

Suparna Bhadury, Mortgage Connect
Suparna, Mortgage Industry

I would sincerely like to appreciate Prateek and Deepu’s hard work towards the default projects.
Default projects were top priorities and their contribution did not go unnoticed.

Prateek did a wonderful job by analyzing the requirement, asking all the right questions and producing documents with various workflows pre and post UAT that were so helpful. He is undoubtedly the subject matter expert for REO project.

Deepu’s effort towards Default billing were tremendous. Also, he helped us expanding our regression suite for default. I think at offshore Deepu’s domain knowledge towards the TSG module is really strong.
The best part about both of them what I feel as a test coordinator at onsite is they are always available online to troubleshoot any issues or to answer any questions related to default modules. Default business users are very demanding and hard to please . Without resources like Prateek and Deepu it would have been really difficult to make any progress effectively.

Thank you and good job guys !!!!

Suparna Bhadury, Mortgage Connect
Suparna, Mortgage Industry

Wish you a very Happy Diwali, On this auspicious occasion do want to let you guys know what a great job you all doing, you all have been absolutely fantastic about turning things around and very thankful for all the endless hours you put on work to finish.
we really appreciate your hard work and dedication. Thanks for everything you do and keep up the great work!

Shailaja Tekulapally, Mortgage Connect
Shailaja, Mortgage Industry

I sincerely appreciate our offshore QA team for all the hard work and dedication. Chandan, Prateek and Geetika – You guys rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just so that you know, Shailaja has arranged for chocolates which Aditya will be getting for you guys.

Suparna Bhadury, Mortgage Connect
Suparna, Mortgage Industry

I just wanted to take a minute and acknowledge the fantastic job by Ashok and Deepu throughout this disbursement project. This project was challenging and demanding, but this team stepped up each and every time and did so with a smile and enthusiasm! Our team members here enjoyed working with Ashok and Deepu and are looking forward to additional success on future projects. I personally am very thankful to have worked with such a great team. Everyone contributed and had an important role in the success of this project. Thanks again!

Steven Buggey, Mortgage Connect
Steven, Mortgage Industry

The whole AAPNA infotech team have done a fantastic job for AEEE Conclave website. A complete website making in a very short span of time can be very difficult process, and they managed to get this live within the time. We would like to say that AAPNA infotech have very good customer support and solve problems in a timely manner.
We want to thank you for your professionalism & help and we look forward to continue work with you.

Vaibhav Khare, AEEE
Vaibhav Khare, AEEE

Hi Vipin, Thanks a lot for all the support you have provided in the last couple of days. We appreciate your efforts and timely share of all updates and stretching yourself even post work hours. Thanks Deepak for your support for the microsite and timely share of all deliverables!

Thanks Team!

Aditya Sarkar - Hexaware Technologies
Aditya Sarkar, Hexaware Technologies

When we were looking for a website designer for the project Connect to Grow, AAPNA was suggested to us by a colleague as a reliable IT company in India that is familiar with working on projects with a social impact. We contracted them to develop an online ‘marketplace’ platform for Connect to Grow and since then have worked with them on other projects including upgrading the Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business and Search Inclusive Business.

We have found their services to be good and reliable and for international projects they provide good value for money. They are quick to respond to any request and have delivered all services in a timely manner. Some of the projects have been complicated but the AAPNA team have always tried their best to develop solutions for any issue that has arisen. At times, there have been a few glitches in delivery but overall I’ve had a very good experience working with them and I would recommend them to potential clients.


Lara Sinha - Ashley Insight
Lara Sinha, Associate, Ashley Insight and Manager of the Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business

Working with AAPNA was more than what I expected. Starting from requirement analysis, design conceptualisation, smart coding and keeping a tight-watch on given timeline AAPNA Infotech has been exceeding my expectation.

Murali Thangam
Murali Thangam, United Nations in India

Atul has been a fine example of your company’s vision.  I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

T. Tim Peregoy, Axiom’s Consulting Group

We have been working with the team at Aapna Infotech for the past few years. Although we were very reluctant to employ offshore developers, we decided to give Aapna Infotech a try. This was one of the better decisions that we have made for our business.

Although it took a bit of getting used to operating with the time difference, we quickly and easily adjusted. The team at Aapna Infotech is very flexible and go out of their way to meet at times convenient for our team, and convenient for our clients. Another fear that we had was that communication channels would be poor. Once again, the team at Aapna Infotech proved us wrong. Both their written and verbal language skills are excellent. We, and our clients, find it extremely easy to communicate with them.

The quality of work that Aapna Infotech produces is impeccable. They are excellent at following directions, and always work quickly and efficiently. The end-product is superior to that which I have seen from their on-shore competition.

Finally, and most importantly, the team at Aapna Infotech is trustworthy. We feel that we can trust them in interacting with our clients. They are professional, honest, and loyal. We are blessed to have Aapna Infotech as part of our development team.

Alison J.Balter InfoTech Services Group, Inc. Canada