Wide Opportunities:  I am getting across business domain Proof of Concepts for development like Waste Segregation, Mortgage form Signature Verification, Warehouse surveillance, Automatic License Plate Recognition

People: Colleagues are amicable in nature.

Processes: The development cycle given to me is less maybe because the PoCs have to be quick demo to the client.

Employee Recognition: Excellent

Purpose: We are leading the right path in AI and will be able to grab good projects in future.

Vasant Vohra
Associate Software Engineer

“Let’s make the world a happier place to work”

With this attitude AAPNA provides a fantastic journey of growth and recognition that’s combined with many learning and formulative experiences, where I have enjoyed every moment and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with AAPNAites to maintain the Environment

Ankit Kumar, Head of Mobile Development
Ankit Kumar
Mobile Lead

Being associated with AAPNA for more than 10 years, the company has nurtured across the following focus areas:

  • Working with passion for excellence
  • Value customers
  • Take initiatives
  • Skill/Career growth
  • Overseas assignments
  • Transparent culture
Shyam Yumnam
Project Leader

I do value the most in AAPNA – People, processes, employee recognition & environment.

After spending near to 14 years in AAPNA I must agree to the point that it is different from any
other organization in various aspects. It provides a positive culture & environment to work on, which I believe is one of the strongest reason you would like to work with any organization for such a long period. It also helps you to grow professionally and as a good human being at the same time. AAPNA recognizes your work which is helpful for motivating its employees. People at AAPNA rocks every time they get a chance to do something out of the box and they are always ready to help others with a big smile. One can get a very healthy environment while working in AAPNA. It’s a family of all the dedicated people who grow themselves and help others to grow. AAPNA’s vision is very clear and it is continuously working on it. AAPNA has very strong skill sets amid various kind of skilled people (technical expertise). There are some big projects running in AAPNA which make the organization more valuable. Processes are well-defined & structured in AAPNA. Employee has a complete visibility of all the processes and there is no hidden part of it. Last but not the least HR team in AAPNA rocks, they work as the backbone of the organization. As an employee we don’t know how difficult it is to manage the people so that everyone feels comfortable/energetic in the workplace, our HR team does it with so many other things.

Biswajit Sur
Biswajit Sur
Project Leader

As an HR, I look out for qualities like integrity, honesty and passion, in a person as the key driving factor. Along with this I look for people who seem to be keen to grab opportunities to learn and grow at all times. Passion for work and doing what you like the best is what we preach, practice and try to incorporate in each sphere of job roles at AAPNA. I strongly believe that a person’s core value should be to keep improving oneself and passion for work should be their key driving force.

AAPNA’s vision, is never to lose the human touch which is our key principle. Abhijit always wanted to grow only so far, as he will know each and every member of the team personally, to acknowledge their hardship, dedication & commitments towards each and every client of AAPNA. Hence true to this spirit, we have grown to a team where we operate like commandos and not like an army. They are trained, groomed and loved to become a true AAPNAITE and once they embed these qualities, then they are the flag bearers for the next gen of AAPNAITES. This is how we dream to grow, and have been successful so far.

Being Happy at workplace is our focus, hence providing a work environment where people can be truly happy to work in, has always been my focus and main concern. As everyone spends a considerable time at his/her workplace, we try and provide a happy environment, as then it increases passion for work, motivation & hence productivity & profit which then goes back to team AAPNA. This concept, I am happy to say, is a proven fact for us and is what makes us different. To achieve this, we have open door policy, no strict hierarchy and no office politics, as the fundamentals to achieve the above environment. Every AAPNAITES embraces & adopts these. Over the years, many AAPNA pillars have helped mentor and groom the next generation AKA newbies @ AAPNA to uphold the same. It’s difficult to express, but I truly hold dear many of the team members we work with, much more than they themselves know. I respect and honour the contribution they have made to AAPNA, as the pillars of AAPNA, past and present alike.

Sanghamitra Roy, Head of HR and Finance
Sanghamitra Roy
Head HR


It is rare that I will say great job or thank you prior to a development effort being in production, but this deserves an exception. Ayesha and I just met with Quandis and they confirmed that UAT for Freddie Mac has passed, and they are prepared to “turn on” the switch this Friday. I am absolutely certain that I have missed folks (especially those that silently, but faithfully makes things work behind the scenes), but fantastic job to be prepared for tomorrow’s release. This will also give us the opportunity to utilize the Default end-to-end functionality for Freddie Mac. And, Aditya, I love the new project testing metrics if I have not mentioned it previously.

Ayesha, special thanks for guiding us to this point. (Good job monkey!)

Please pass this thank you and kudos on to those that I may have missed.

Thanks again.

Kevin, Vice President, Information Technology Mortgage Industry

AAPNA – can be well termed as GURUKUL rather than a COMPANY. Here, every day you have something new to experience and learn. My journey with AAPNA till now has been astonishing. Even though coming from a technical background, I got into business and management only because of the confidence and guidance I got from my SENIORS. Here, your work gets acknowledged at every step that gives you confidence to perform over and above the best of your level. Wishing AAPNA Great Success!!!

Isha Koul
Isha Koul
Business Analyst

It’s been a decade of togetherness boarding this ship. We have been through tides yet haven’t toppled once. With the support growing i can foresee a smooth sail ahead. BON VOYAGE to all Aapnaite.

Shyam Yumnam
Project Leader

Your team has been exceptional in terms of delivery under pressure. While there may have been few quality glitches, I appreciate the efforts invested by the team with conviction and dedication throughout the development and deliverable of each request.

Especially, Tabassum has been great in terms of gathering requirements directly from our Marketing Managers, Website SPOC and reverting with completion of respective activities. Her quality of not giving up under tremendous pressure, short turn-around-time expectation and going the mile in extending her support has been overall incredible. Please pass this onto her personally.

On the other hand, I’ve received some good appreciations for Deepak and Vipin for their individual efforts in our landing pages and microsite projects. I received these directly from the Business Units to an extent wherein they precisely call out these names even during their planning phase and request me to ensure these individuals are available when in need. Please pass this to both of them.

Overall, I am very happy with the entire team on extended support so far for Hexaware Technologies. We want to continue to build on this capability and give them the opportunities where they continue to support to their best of their capabilities inclusive of growing as a professional; by enabling them to up skill themselves in areas of opportunities.

Hope this testimonial really helps understand my gratification towards the team.

Stanley Nadar, Hexaware

Sachin Tangoria and the entire AAPNA Infotech team did a fantastic job revitalizing my website. They are the only web company I have worked with and throughout the years they have provided excellent support and prompt service. I recommend AAPNA to all companies which are serious about their online presence. Thank you!!!

Lester Salvatierra, First US Finance LLC

7 years with AAPNA and feels like just yesterday. That statement itself reflects how it has been working in AAPNA. We spend majority of our awake time in office and it is important that we love our workplace. AAPNA has provided me that sort of comfort level and the ability to maintain a balance between my personal and work life. It is a fun place to work and at the same time provides you with ample opportunities to think out of the box and explore your limits.

Aditya Sain, QA Lead
Aditya Sain
Senior Business Analyst

I have been working in “AAPNA INFOTECH” for last 3 years. As a part of this company, I feel every time positive energy around me and this only happens when there are positive souls around you (#Team #Employees). Here in AAPNA we work together as a Family.

There are many factors which makes AAPNA as a unique & great company:

(a) Nice Environment

(b) Best Working Culture.

(c) Treat Employees with Respect.

(d) Appreciation for Good Work.

(e) Helping Employees for Professional Growth.


Prateek Pankaj
Software Testing Engineer