I joined as an iOS developer and I also add 2 new technologies (Flutter and Decisions) in my profile and working on MCDS. Now I am capable for work in 3 technologies and this is also good for AAPNA. L&D program or supportive staff is different from other organizations.

Unique About AAPNA – 1. People 2. Process 3. Environment 4. Project 5. Growth

Varun Bhola

AAPNA is able to interpret the future of IT and adapt accordingly very early 2. Process, Process and the Processes (need to make certain once faster or simpler, Strict Process assures right discipline) 3. Enough AAPNAPAN (Overall there is enough warmth for going forward but we need to learn more on this like we need to practice certain skills which would make almost every employee take the ownership. This enhancement would work through management trainings/seminars/courses and Aapna should also nurture such potentials(even if they aren’t in forefront for now) committed Existing/ Future Leaders/to be Managers who have already taken the ownership and who’s dreams about Aapna’s future doesn’t let them sleep.

Unique About AAPNA – Values: AAPNA Values this and Strictly Based on Good Values, Projects: Good Exposure and Latest Tech, Purpose: Clear, People: Warmth, Process: Strict, Growth: More on the Cards (good to hear that), Recognition: Yes, Environment: Good


Nachiket Namjoshi

Dev/QA Team,

Team I just wanted to take a minute and let everyone know what great work you are all doing. We just got off a call with Cristy and Jeff. They received a call yesterday from a large client with nothing but positive praise for the product. We still have more to add but team this was great feedback and let us all know the effort that has gone into this has been worth it. It also let us know we are going in the right direction. Again GREAT JOB!!! And GREAT TEAM!!! .. Jason

I second and triple that… AWESOME job and thank you team! Let’s continue to do great things, we are already differentiating ourselves from the competition and setting the bar high!!! .. Hye-Jin

SSS Project Team

The team is very responsive to all the requirements and delivered the project on time and within the budget. The client was satisfied with the end result

Lester Salvatierra, Director, First US Finance LLC
Dear Aman,

We want to extend our thanks and gratitude for all your hard work to ensure a successful launch of the new T-JTA website. It has been a long and challenging journey, but our efforts have paid off. The launch has been a big success and gone very smoothly for our customers. Thank you for helping to make that happen.This letter is going out to all team members, so let’s all recognize Ayush for his constant development efforts, Alok for QA testing, Sandeep for providing organized and patient leadership, and Abhijit for sticking with us over the years despite the challenges. Last but not least, a very special thanks to Aman for his extensive efforts, focus, and dedication to the project. We have all worked late nights, although I suspect Aman has perhaps gotten the least sleep.

We are very excited to begin this new chapter for the T-JTA with AAPNA by our side. Thank you again for helping us get here, and looking forward to reaching new heights together.

Best regards,

Psychological Publications, Inc

With DevOps in the works now for several weeks, Adnan, Jagan, and Devender have essentially taken over the majority of duties in relation to all lower environments which has freed myself and Preston up for other tasks and been a huge help. They also continue to make improvements and adjustments that make our lives even further easier due to their organization and preparation of the prodmock/production package. Thanks to their help with production releases have been going incredibly smooth, it has been months since we have had any release-related issues in production and I credit much of that to the preparation Adnan and team put into each release.


Thank you Deepak and Vipin.

Appreciate your help and efforts for relentlessly supporting us in many website initiatives. You guys have been our go-to-team whenever we are in crisis not just once but every time. Looking forward to the same energy, attitude and fire to help us reach newer milestones.

Siddharth, Maveric Systems


You did a great job in the presentation today and brought up a topic on Accessibility testing that was an interest to the team. Your delivery was passionate and informative without being a threat to QA. I have received many positive comments on today’s CoP and your presentation.

Keep up the good work!

Rakesh, Mortgage Banking Industry

Since onboarding the Aapna Infotech team, the company noticed more traffic to their website. This was an improvement as they had not been receiving any online enquiries before. The team’s global reach allowed the company to get things done even outside of normal working hours.

Nicholas – Managing Director, Optimize Plumbing Drainage & Gas Pty Ltd, Australia

“I am part of AAPNA family for almost 2 years now and the journey has been a fulfilling one. The experience I get at AAPNA is quite different from my previous organisation, be it the manner of work, team or culture. Most of you must be unaware that I have a very interesting hiring story with Aapna. I was to join Aapna in Nov 2017, almost a year before I joined but due to some reasons, I could not. But the whole interview process – discussion with Atul and Abhijeet did leave a remarkable impression with me and I started following Aapna on social platforms. When after a year I decided to make a switch, Rakhi was the first person I called and I am happy and lucky enough that I was given the opportunity to be part of Aapna once again.

Aapna is like a close-knit family and office becomes your second home. Before COVID, I always looked forward to coming to the office every day and I love the whole energy on the floor especially amongst my team. The work keeps you challenged and makes you thrive for more. Here I have gained experience of working in a team and delighted to say that it is the best team to be a part of. Everyone is friendly, always there to help. A mentor who always have your back and you don’t have to think twice before giving a suggestion or proposing something. Anyone at Aapna is considered one of their own and given complete independence along with proper guidance, an ideal environment to grow.”

Priyanka Agarwal
Senior Consultant

I would share with you some thoughts about my experience with AAPNA dev team, there were 12 months of intense collaboration that for many aspects surprised me.
I’ve deployed this technology in several countries (Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Japan, USA) so I’ve worked with many different teams, what I can say is that AAPNA’s team was able to understand the meaning of the service and the technology architecture really fast (faster than any other groups that I’ve worked with before).

What your team is able to do is not just providing an excellent technical execution but most importantly they are really good in human interaction. This is something rare and precious especially in a market like the USA where humanness is not exactly a priority.

I hope we will have other opportunities to work together

Dario, MMH Mac App

I extremely appreciate our association with AAPNA. In the past one year we achieved lot and without your diligence, hard work and several late nights and early mornings, we would not have been here where we are now. The highly experienced, efficient and motivated technical staff have been indispensable to maintain our project deadlines and success. I wish many more successful anniversaries for AAPNA.

CIO – Mortgage Banking Sector
Peter - Mortgage Industry